Systems Management for Retail

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your POS system

New technology and evolving customer demands, along with more stringent security requirements are reshaping systems management requirements in the retail industry.  Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are increasingly replacing traditional computer-based point-of-sale systems.  In addition, customers now want to make purchases anytime, anywhere, using any device.  And, to make things more difficult, the latest update to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), has added more stringent requirements about inventory, patching and protection of systems and devices that handle and manage any credit card holder data. Dell KACE appliances provide retail-ready systems management tools that can help you effectively manage and secure this increasingly complex landscape that now includes multiple operating systems, as well as remote and mobile devices.

KACE retail IT systems management products enable you to solve the toughest asset management, systems deployment, security and support challenges. KACE appliances provide comprehensive functionality, are easy to use, and their appliance architecture ensures rapid deployment. KACE also helps you stay compliant with stringent PCI requirements since systems management–specifically, inventory, configuration, patching and ensuring all systems are up to date–are all key PCI components.


  • Comprehensive asset management streamlines time-consuming processes by providing you with a detailed inventory of all hardware – PCs, servers, mobile devices and network-connected non-computer devices – and software on your network, and provides software license management.
  • Patch management protects your systems across multiple locations and pop-up retail sites. The K1000 maintains one of the largest patch repositories available, with patches for Windows and Mac operating systems as well as a wide range of application patches from vendors including Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Symantec and Mozilla.
  • Multi-operating systems support enables you to deploy and maintain a variety of operating systems across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux, all from the management console.
  • Integrated service desk and self-service portal reduces the burden on your IT staff, and allows for quick remediation and end user support.
  • Remote site administration and replication helps you effectively provision and manage systems at remote retail locations, including distribution of new software, software updates and patches, without the need for dedicated hardware or additional local IT personnel.