Export Control

All Dell products are subject to U.S. Export Control Regulations. Many of the Dell Software products are subject to U.S. export restrictions due to their use of encryption technology. Dell uses this portion of its web site to communicate export control information specific to its software products. This information may be required for shipping documentation, record keeping, or post-shipment reporting.

Due to the dynamic nature of local country laws, Dell makes this material available for informational purposes only. It may not reflect the most current legal developments, and Dell does not represent, warrant or guarantee that it is complete, accurate or up-to-date. This information is subject to change without notice. The materials on this site are not intended to constitute legal advice or to be used as a substitute for specific legal advice from a licensed attorney. You should not act (or refrain from acting) based upon information in this site without obtaining professional advice regarding your particular facts and circumstances.

Dell’s ERN is # R100047.

Prohibited End Users

ALL Dell products are prohibited for export and re-export to:

  • Any company or national of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Licenses to these countries and parties are presumed denied.
  • Re-export to these countries is prohibited; if you "know or have reason to know" that an illegal reshipment will take place, you may not ship to such a user.
  • Entities listed on any U.S. Government Denied Party/Person List. See United States Bureau of Industry and Security's The Denied Persons Lists, the Office of Foreign Assets Control's Economic and Trade sanctions list, (OFAC), and the Office of Defense Trade Controls (DTC).
  • Any customer you know or have reason to know, who is involved in the design, development, manufacture or production of nuclear technology, or nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Contact Dell's Export Control Compliance


Export Control Classification Numbers

For the U.S. Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) for Dell products, please visit http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/import-export. Below is a list of the ECCNs for the current releases of Dell Software products.

PRODUCTECCNLicense ExceptionCCATSReason(s) for Control
Active AdministratorTM v7.55D992NLRTBDNone
Access Manager v2.05D992NLR  
Active Entry v4.25D992NLR  
ActiveRolesTM v7.05D992NLR  
ActiveRolesTM Add-On for Lync Server v2.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
ActiveRolesTM Add-On Manager v1.0EAR99   
ActiveRolesTM Add-On for Office 365 v2.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
ActiveRolesTM Exchange Resource Forest Manager v1.3.0EAR99   
ActiveRolesTM Interface for Internet Explorer 6.0 v6.7EAR99   
ActiveRolesTM Server Add-on for Office 365 v2.0EAR99   
ActiveRolesTM Support pack for Lync v1.0EAR99   
Analyzer5D002ENC (unrestricted)G139778 
Alertfind v5.11N/AN/AN/AN/A
AppAssure v5.4.35D992NLRTBDN/A
AppAssure Doc Retriever for SharePoint5D002ENCAppAssure ERN 1011979NS1, AT1
AppAssure DL4000 Backup and Recovery Appliance5D002ENCDell ERN R100047NS1, AT1
AppAssure for Kaseya5D002ENCAppAssure ERN 1011979NS1, AT1
Archive Manager v5.1.15D992NLRTBDNone
Archive Manager for Exchange v4.35D992NLR  
AttachThis v2.1EAR 99   
Backup Reporter v25D992NLRTBDNone
Benchmark FactoryTM v7.2.05D992NLRTBDN/A
Benchmark FactoryTM for Databases v6.65D992NLR  
Big BrotherTM v5.015D992B.1NLRG045114AT1
Big BrotherTM v5.015D992B.1NLRG045114AT1
Boomi AtomSphere5D992CNLR  
Boomi MDM5D992CNLR  
Capacity Manager for SQL Server v3.15D992NLR  
CDP 1105A002ENC (unrestricted)G067845 
CDP 1440i5A002ENC (unrestricted)G046942 
CDP 2105A002ENC (unrestricted)G067845 
CDP 2205A002ENC (unrestricted)**ERN 
CDP 2440i5A002ENC (unrestricted)G046942 
CDP 3440i5A002ENC (unrestricted)G046942 
CDP 4440i5A002ENC (unrestricted)G046942 
CDP 50405A002ENC (unrestricted)G067845 
CDP 5040B5A002ENC (unrestricted)**ERN 
CDP 60805A002ENC (unrestricted)G067845 
CDP 6080B5A002ENC (unrestricted)**ERN 
ChangeAuditorTM v6.6TBDTBDG140628N/A
ChangeAuditorTMfor Active Directory v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor ActiveRolesTM v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor Defender v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor EMC v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor Exchange v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor File Servers v5.05D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor LDAP v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor Logon Events v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor NetApp v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor Quest Authentication Services v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor SharePoint v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor SQL Server v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor VMWare vCenter v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeAuditorTMfor Windows File Servers v65D002C.1ENCG140628 
ChangeBASE v6.2.25D992NLRTBDN/A
Change Director v3.05D992NLR  
Change Director for SQL Server v3.15D992NLR  
Client Profile Updating Utility v5.55D992NLR  
Cloud Access Manager v8TBDTBDTBDNone
Cloud Storage Manager for Azure v2.05D992NLR  
Cloud Access Manager for Defender v8.0TBDTBDTBDNone
Cloud Access Manager for Enterprise Mobility Management v7.15D002ENCTBDNone
Code Tester v1.95D992NLR  
Code Tester for Oracle v2.6.35D992NLRTBDNone
Coexistence Manager for GroupWise v1.5.55D992NLRN/AN/A
Coexistence Manager for Notes v3.6.15A002NLRTBDN/A
Collaboration Services v3.55D992c G137992 
Content Migrator for SharePoint v1.0EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
Defender v5.8EAR99   
Defender GO-7 Token5A992NLR  
Defender GridSure Soft Token5D992NLR  
DefenderTM YubiKey5A992NLR  
DellTM Mobile Workspace5D992NLR  
Deployment Manager for SharePoint v1.05D992NLR  
Desktop AuthorityTM v9.25D002C.1ENCG048944N/A
Desktop AuthorityTM Image CenterEAR99   
Desktop AuthorityTM MSI StudioEAR99   
Desktop AuthorityTM Password Self Service5D992NLR  
Development Studio for SharePoint v4.25D992NLR  
Dell One Identity Manager v6.1.35D002C.1ENCG145324None
Dell One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition Classification Module v7EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
Dell One Identity Quick Connect for AS/400 v1.3EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
Dell One Identity Quick Connect for RACF v1.2EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
DirectoryAnalyzer v4.125D992NLR  
DirectoryTroubleshooter v4.105D992NLR  
Discovery Wizard for SQL Server v2.05D992NLR  
Distributed Monkey Engine 4 Hyper V v1.0EAR99NLR  
Distributed Monkey Engine 4 VMware V v2.05D992NLR  
DNS Admin v4.55D992NLR  
Drop This for SharePoint v1.0EAR99   
Email Management Services v6.21TBDTBDTBDNone
Email Security 2005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 3005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 33005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 4005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 43005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 5005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 60005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 80005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
Email Security 83005A002ENC (unrestricted)G039413 
E-mail Security AES (256) SW5D002ENC (unrestricted)G048237 
Enforced Client AV & Spyware5D992Mass Market**ERN 
Enterprise Reporter v2.55D992NLRTBDNone
Enterprise Security Reporter5D992NLR  
Enterprise Single Sign On v8.0.5.25D992cNLR  
Exchange Migration Wizard v4.05D992NLR  
File System AuditorEAR 99   
Firmware 6.65D002ENC (unrestricted)G034492 
FoglightTM v5.7.15D992ENC5D002None
FoglightTM APM - SaaS Edition v6.15A992.CTBDG140498None
FoglightTM Cartridge for .NET v5.9.7EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for Active Directory v5.6.9EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for Application Operations v5.9.7EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for DB2 v5.6.55D992NLR  
FoglightTM Cartridge for DB2 LUW v5.6.1x5D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for Dependency Mapping v5.6.2EAR 99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for DiscoveryEAR 99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for Exchange v5.6.9EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for Incidents v5.2.4.5EAR 99   
FoglightTM Cartridge Infrastructure v5.8.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for Integration v5.6.2EAR 99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for Java v5.9.7EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for JMX v5.9.6EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for NMS Integration v5.6.4EAR 99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for Oracle v5.7.05D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for PeopleSoft v5.6EAR 99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for PagerDuty Integration v1.0.15D992NLRTBDNone
FoglightTM Cartridge for PostgreSQL SMA Edition v5.6EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Perspectives Cartridges for Virtualization v5.6.11EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for SAP NetWeaver (F5) v5.2EAR99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for SQL Azure v5.5.865D992NLR  
FoglightTM Cartridge for SQL Server v5.67.5085D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for Sybase5.6.55D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for Siebel v5.2.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for TIBCO AMX Add-on - SMA Edition v5.6.4EAR99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for TIBCO Cartridge - SMA Edition v5.6.4EAR99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for Virtual Desktops v5.6.2EAR99   
FoglightTM Cartridge for vCloud Director v5.6.13EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Cartridge for XenDesktop and XenApp v1.0 5D992CYesG140498N/A
FoglightTM DB2 LUW Cartridge (F5) v5.6.1025D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTM End User TCP Monitoring5D992NLR  
FoglightTM Experience Monitor v5.7.05D992B.1NLRG056434AT1
FoglightTM Experience Viewer v5.6.5EAR99   
FoglightTMfor Cassandra v15D992NLR  
FoglightTMfor Hyper-v v5.6.145D992CNLRG140498NONE
FoglightTMfor Java EE v5.7.3EAR 99   
FoglightTMfor LiteSpeed v1.15D992NLR  
FoglightTMfor VMware v5.6.155D992CYESG140498NONE
FoglightTMfor VMware View v5.6.145D992CNLRG140498N/A
FoglightTMfor Resource Optimization Automation v5.6.13EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTMfor Resource Optimization v5.6.15EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTMfor Virtualization cartridge for Optimization v7.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTMfor Virtualization Change Analyzer Cartridge v5.6.15EAR99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTMfor Virtualization, Enterprise Edition v85D992CTBDG140498N/A
FoglightTMfor Virtualization, Cartridge for OpenStack Integration v7.35D992NLRTBDNone
FoglightTM for Virtualization for OpenStack v7.35D992CTBDG140498N/A
FoglightTM for Virtual Desktops v5.6EAR 99   
FoglightTM for vCloud Director v5.6.14EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM for Web Monitoring v5.6.11EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM OnDemand for SQL Server v1EAR 99   
FoglightTM Oracle Cartridge v5.6.55D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTMPerformance Analysis for DB2 v7.0.435D992NLR  
FoglightTMPerformance Analysis for DB2 LUW  v7.0.5005D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTMPerformance Analysis for SQL Server v7.0.45D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTM Perspectives Cartridges for Virtualization v5.6.12EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
FoglightTM Release Manager v1.65D992NLR  
FoglightTM for Sybase v5.5.5EAR99   
FoglightTM Service Level Management for Smart Grid Peripherals v5.5EAR99   
FoglightTM Synthetic Monitoring5A002a.1ENCG146980 
FoglightTM Synthetic Monitor for Internet v5.9.45D992NLRN/AN/A
FoglightTM Storage Management v45D992CNLRG140498N/A
FoglightTM Transaction Recorder v7.85D992NLR  
Global VPN Client (GVC)5A002ENC (restricted)*G027602 
GMS (entry)5D002ENC (unrestricted)G026257 
GMS (standard)5D002ENC (restricted)*G026257 
GMS Virtual5D002ENC (restricted)*G078404 
GPOADmin v5.85D992NLRTBDNone
Group Policy Extensions for Desktops v3.15D992NLR  
Group Policy Manager v4.15D992NLR  
GroupWise Migrator for Exchange v4.2EAR99   
IBRv5D002ENC (unrestricted)G145325 
Identity Manager5D002C.1ENCG145324 
Identity Manager for Unix v25D922CNLR  
InSync v6.5EAR99   
IntrustTM v11.0.55D992NLRG137990None
IntrustTMfor Exchange v2.1.15D992NLR  
IntrustTM Plug-In for Active Directory v3.5.1EAR99   
IntrustTM Plug-In for Exchange v2.5EAR99   
IntrustTM Plug-in for File Access v2.55D992NLR  
iTokenTM5D992.cNLR Mass MarketG068519AT1
JClassTM Desktop Views v6.5.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
JClassTM Server Views v6.2.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
JProbeTM Suite v9.7EAR 99   
K1000 Systems Management Appliance5A002ENC (unrestricted)G049809NS1, AT1
K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance5A002ENC (unrestricted)G049809NS1, AT1
K3000 Mobile Management Appliance v1.1TBDTBDTBDN/A
Knowledge Portal v1.0EAR99   
Knowledge Portal Report Pack for COBIT v1.0EAR99   
Knowledge Portal Report Pack for BS ISO/IEC 27002:2005 v1.0EAR99   
Knowledge Xpert™ for IBM DB2EAR99   
Knowledge Xpert™ for MySQLEAR99   
Knowledge Xpert™ for Oracle AdministrationEAR99   
Knowledge Xpert™ for PL/SQLEAR99   
Knowledge Xpert™ for SQL ServerEAR99   
K1000 GO for Android v2.25D992NLRN/AN/A
K1000 GO for Apple v2.25D992NLRN/AN/A
K2000 v3.7aEAR 99N/AN/AN/A
K3000 v1.15D992NLRTBDN/A
K1 GO v2.35D992NLRN/AN/A
LiteSpeedTMfor Oracle v2.25D992cNLRG137964 
LiteSpeedTMfor SQL Server v8.0.35D992B.1NLRG047264None
LiveReorgTM v7.05D992NLR   
Management Console for Active DirectoryEAR99   
Management Console for Exchange v1.0.4EAR99   
Management Console for Unix v2.55D992CNLR  
Management Extensions for SCCM v2.25D992NLR  
Management Pack for .NET5D992NLR  
Management Xtensions for CM v2.05D992NLR  
Management Xtensions for System Center Configuration Manager v2.25D992NLR  
Management Xtensions for SMS5D992CNLR Mass MarketG072357 
MessageAnalysis v1.05D992NLR  
MessageStatsTM v7.4.05D992NLRTBDNone
MessageStatsTM Business Insigts v7.15D992NLR  
MessageStatsTM for Lync v7.35D992NLRTBDN/A
MessageStatsTM Report Pack for Archive Manager v1.3EAR99   
MessageStatsTM Report Pack for OCS v3.0EAR99   
MessageStatsTM Report Pack for OWA v1.05D992NLR  
MessageStatsTM Unified Reporting v1 for OWA v1.0EAR99   
Migration Assessment Tool v1.45D992NLR  
Migration Manager for Active Directory v8.125D992NLRN/AN/A
Migration Manager for Exchange v8.115D992NLRTBDNone
Migration Manager for Exchange Intra-Org Edition v1.0.15D992NLR  
Migration Manager for Enterprise Social v25D992NLRN/AN/A
Migration Manager for PSTs v1.15D992NLRN/AN/A
Migration Manager for SharePoint v3.1EAR99   
Migrator for GroupWise v4.5.25D992CNLRTBDNone
Migrator for Notes to Exchange v4.125D992NLRTBDNone
Migrator for Notes to SharePoint v6.55D992NLRTBDN/A
Migrator for Sametime v1.15D992CNLR Mass MarketG072376 
Migrator for NDS v4.5EAR99N/AN/AN/A
Mobile Connect iOS 2.0 (Android)5D992CMass Market**ERN 
Mobile Connect iOS 2.0 (Apple)5D992CMass MarketG147587 
Mobile Connect iOS(Android)5D992CMass Market**ERN 
Mobile Connect iOS (Android)5D992CMass MarketG140483 
Mobile Management v1.5EAR99N/AN/AN/A
Mobile Workspace v1.55D992MMTBDNone
NDS Migrator v4.4.2EAR99   
NetControl v3.1.105D992NLR  
Net Extender5D002ENC (unrestricted)**ERN 
NetVaultTM Backup v10.0.1a5D992CNLRG077515None
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for DB2 v3.3EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Domino v4.4EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Encrpytion5D992CNLRG077515AT1
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Exchange v4.5.115D992NLR  
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for EMC Data Domain Boost v2.5 EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for FileSystem v10.0.5EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Hyper-V v10.0.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Informix v4.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-in for MySQL v4..4EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for NDMP v10.0.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Netware Thin Client Support v7EAR99   
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Oracle v7.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for PostgreSQL v3.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for SAP v5.0EAR99   
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for SnapMirror to Tape v10.0.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for SNMP v10.0.5EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for SQL Server v10.0.5EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Sybase v3.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for SharePointv1.3EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for Teradata v145D992NLR  
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for VaultShare (ACSLS) v2.2EAR99   
NetVaultTM Backup Plug-In for VMware v10.0.5EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Backup Thin Clientfor Netware v4EAR99   
NetVaultTM Backup Workstation Client v10.0.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Bare Metal Recovery (VaultDR) v4.3EAR99   
NetVaultTM FastRecover v4.5EAR99   
NetVaultTM LiteSpeed for Oracle v35D992CNLR  
NetVaultTM LiteSpeed for SQL Server v8.05D992B.1NLRG047264None
NetVaultTM Plug-in for Exchange v5.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM Plug-in for Encryption Standard Algorithm v2.15D992NLR  
NetVault Plug-in for VMware v10.0.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
NetVaultTM SmartDisk -vRangerTM Editions v1.5.1EAR99   
NetVaultTM SmartDisk v10.0.0EAR99N/AN/AN/A
Notes Migrator for Exchange v4.95D992NLRTBDNone
Notes Migrator for SharePoint v6.1.15D992NLR  
Notes Coexistence for Exchange v1.05D992NLR  
NSA 220 Series5A002ENC (restricted)*G140095 
NSA 220 Wireless-N Series5A002ENC (restricted)*G140095 
NSA 2405A002ENC (restricted)*G066468 
NSA 240 Wireless-N Series5A002ENC (restricted)*G066468 
NSA 24005A002ENC (restricted)*G063322 
NSA 2400M5A002ENC (restricted)*G076294 
NSA 2400MX5A002ENC (restricted)*G076294 
NSA 250 Series5A002ENC (restricted)*G140093 
NSA 250 Series Wireless-N5A002ENC (restricted)*G140093 
NSA 35005A002ENC (restricted)*G060526 
NSA 45005A002ENC (restricted)*G060526 
NSA 50005A002ENC (restricted)*G060526 
NSA E5500/td>5A002ENC (restricted)*G057099 
NSA E65005A002ENC (restricted)*G057099 
NSA E75005A002ENC (restricted)*G057099 
NSA E85005A002ENC (restricted)*G057099 
NSA E85105A002ENC (restricted)*G057099 
OnDemand Log ManagementEAR99   
OnDemand Migration for Email v1.7.0N/AN/AN/AN/A
OnDemand Recovery for Active Directory v1.4.2EAR99   
One Identity Quick Connect add-on for Microsoft FIM v1.1.0EAR99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity Quick Connect Express for Active Directory v5.5EAR99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity Quick Connect for Base Systems v2.3EAR99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity Quick Connect for Cloud Services v3.6.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine v5.45D992NLRTBDNone
One Identity Quick Connect Management Shell v1.3EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity ActiveRoles Add-On for Connectors v1.1EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity Quick Connect for Lotus Notes v2.3EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity Quick Connect for PeopleSoft v2.3EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
One Identity Quick Connect for SAP Solutions v2.3EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
OpenSSH on rc.vintela.com5D002TSU  
Patch Authority Ultimate5D992.b.2   
Performance Analysis for DB2 v7.05D992NLR  
Performance Analysis for Oracle v7.0.5005D992NLRN/AN/A
Performance Analysis for SQL Server v7.0.35D992NLR  
PerformasureTM v5.05D992NLR  
PowerGuiTM v3.65D992NLR  
PowerGuiTM Pro v1.7.1EAR99   
Password Manager v5.5.25D992bNLRG148279None
Privilege Manager for Sudo v15D992CNLR  
Privilege Manager for Sudo Keystroke Logging v25D992CNLR  
Privilege Manager for Unix v5.65D992NLR  
PRO 12605A002ENC (unrestricted)G037978 
PRO 20405A002ENC (restricted)*G033917 
PRO 30605A002ENC (restricted)*G031667 
PRO 40605A002ENC (restricted)*G031667 
PRO 41005A002ENC (restricted)*G031667 
PRO 50605A002ENC (restricted)*G035359 
PuTTY on rc.quest.com5D002TSU  
QuestBook v1.0EAR99   
QuestTM Business Intelligence Studio v1.0EAR99   
QExplain v6.6.4EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
Quest Installer v6.0.25D992NLRTBDNone
Quest Management xtensions - Configuration Manager Mac Edition v4.1EAR99   
QuestTM Management Xtensions - Configuration Manager Mobile Edition v4.1EAR99   
QuestTM One ActiveRoles add-on for Lync Server v2EAR99   
QuestTM One ActiveRoles add-on for Recovery Manager for Active Directory v1.0.0EAR99N/AN/AN/A
QuestTM One ActiveRoles Language Pack v6.9EAR99N/AN/AN/A
QuestTM One ActiveRoles Support Pack for OCS v3.1EAR99   
QuestTM One Authentication Services v4.15D992CNLRG148294 
QuestTM One Authentication Services ActiveRoles Integration Pack v2.0EAR99   
QuestTM One Authentication Services OEM Edition v3.5.25D992NLR  
QuestTM One Authorization Policy Server for SharePoint v4.5EAR99   
Identity Manager v6.1.25D002C.1ENCG145324None
Identity Manager Connector v1.1EAR99   
Identity Manager - Data Governance Edition v6.0.15D002C.1ENCG145324 
Identity Manager Language Pack v6.1.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
QuestTM One Password Manager v5.5.05D992bNLRG148279None
QuestTM One Privileged Command Manager5D002C.1ENCG144583 
QuestTM One Privileged Password Manager5D002C.1ENCG144583 
QuestTM One Privileged Session Manager5D002C.1ENCG144583 
QuestTM One Quick Connect Exchange Resource Forest Manager v1.3.2EAR99   
QuestTM One Quick Connect Express for Active Directory v5.4.1EAR99N/AN/AN/A
QuestTM One Quick Connect for AS/400 v1.2EAR99   
QuestTM One Quick Connect for Lync v1.1EAR99   
QuestTM One Quick Connect for Lotus Notes v2.2EAR99   
QuestTM One Quick Connect for Online Services v2.0EAR99   
QuestTM One Quick Connect for PeopleSoft v2.2EAR99   
QuestTM One Quick Connect for RACF v1.1EAR99   
QuestTM One Quick Connect Virtual Directory Server v1.1EAR99   
SQL Optimizer for Oracle v8.9.05D992CNLRTBDNone
Quest CentralTMfor DB2 v5.05D992NLR  
QExplainTM v6.5EAR99   
QuestTM Token for Android v5.65D002TSU  
QuestTM Token for Blackberry v5.65D002TSU  
QuestTM Token for Palm v5.65D002TSU  
QuestTM Token for Windows Smartphone v5.65D002TSU  
QuestTM UI Library v6.6.1EAR99   
Quick Apps Charts for Office 365 v1.05D992NLRTBDNone
Quick Apps for Sharepoint v6.45D992NLRN/AN/A
Quick Connect for Mainframes v2.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
Recovery Manager for Active Directory v8.6.3EAR99N/AN/AN/A
Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition v8.6.35D992NLRN/AN/A
Recovery Manager for Exchange v5.6.25D992NLRN/AN/A
Recovery Manager for SharePoint v4.7.2EAR99N/AN/AN/A
Remote Support Center v2.6.45D002C.1ENCG048944N/A
RemoteScanTM Enterprise v10.6.37EAR99N/AN/AN/A
RemoteScanTM Enterprise User Edition v11.3EAR99N/AN/AN/A
RemoteScanTMfor LAN v9.7.37EAR99N/AN/AN/A
RemoteScanTMfor TS/CX v9.7.37EAR99N/AN/AN/A
RemoteScanTM Universal v10.6.37EAR99N/AN/AN/A
ReportADmin v1.5.345D992NLR  
ReportADmin for ACS v1.0.355D992NLR  
Reporter v85D992CMM - NLRG145321 
Reporter Express v6.35D992NLR  
Reporter for Novell v1.35D992NLR  
RestoreAdmin v3.85D992NLR  
SafeKeeping v5.0.45D992NLR  
Scrutinizer5D002ENC (unrestricted)G139778 
Secure Copy v7.0.15D992NLRN/AN/A
Security Explorer v9.55D992NLRN/AN/A
SelfServiceADmin v2.6.185D992NLR  
Server Administrator for SharePoint v1.35D992C G137118 
Service Explorer5D992NLR  
SharePlexTMfor Oracle v8.6.15D992NLRN/AN/A
SharePlexTM Manager v2.2EAR 99   
SharePlexTM Connector for Hadoop v8.5.6EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
SharePoint Migration v4.7TBDTBDTBDNone
Single Sign-On5D992.c G078575ATI
Site Administrator for SharePoint v5.2.3EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
Site Administrator Reports for SharePointEAR99   
Site Administrator for SharePoint - Security Auditor v1.3.1EAR99   
Sonic Point N Dual Radio5A002ENC (unrestricted)**ERN 
SonicOS5D002ENC (restricted)*G038367 
SonicPoint5A002ENC (unrestricted)G043771 
SonicPoint G5A002ENC (unrestricted)G042595 
SonicPoint N5A002ENC (unrestricted)G070291 
SonicPoint NE5A002ENC (unrestricted)G077678 
SonicPoint NI5A002ENC (unrestricted)G077678 
SonicPoint-N Dual-Radio5D002ENC (unrestricted)**ERN 
Space Manager/LiveReorg v8.15D992CNLRTBDN/A
SpotlightTMon Active Directory v6.8.45D992B.1NLR Mass MarketG045703AT1
SpotlightTMon Azure v2.05D992NLR  
SpotlightTMon BEA WebLogic Server5D992B.1NLR Mass MarketG045703 
SpotlightTMon DB2 LUW v6.9.25D992CNLRTBDN/A
SpotlightTMon DB2 z/OS5D992B.1NLR Mass MarketG045703 
SpotlightTMon Exchange v5.45D992B.1NLR Mass MarketG045703 
SpotlightTMon Messaging v7.95D992cNLRG137970N/A
SpotlightTMon Oracle v10.2.15D992CNLRTBDN/A
SpotlightTMon Oracle RAC v2.05D992B.1NLR Mass MarketG045703 
SpotlightTMon Oracle Xpert5D992B.1NLR Mass MarketG045703 
SpotlightTMon SAP ASE v2.15D992NLRG045703AT1
SpotlightTMon SQL Server v10.0.35D992NLRG045703N/A
SpotlightTMon SQL Server Enterprise v11.15D992NLRN/AN/A
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise Plug-In for Management Studio v4.35D992NLRN/AN/A
SpotlightTMon Sybase ASE v2.7.05D992B.1NLRG045703 
SpotlightTMon Sybase v2.9.05D992B.1NLRN/AN/A
SpotlightTMon Unix/Linux5D992B.1NLR Mass MarketG045703 
SQL NavigatorTM for Oracle v7.25D992NLRTBDNone
SQL OptimizerTMfor SAP ASE v3.75D992NLRTBDNone
SQL Optimizer for Oracle v9.0.05D992CNLRTBDNone
SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW v4.3.05D992NLR  
SQL Optimizer for DB2 z/OS v5.5.05D992NLRTBDNone
SQL Optimizer for IBM DB2 UDB v2.85D992NLR  
SQL Optimizer for SQL Server v10.0.15D992CNLRN/ANone
SQL Optimizer for Sybase v3.6.0EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
SQL Server Cartridge v5.7.1x5D992NLRN/AN/A
SRA 12005A002ENC (unrestricted)G079796 
SRA 42005A002ENC (unrestricted)G074117 
SRA 4200 (version 4.0)5A002ENC (restricted)*G078335 
SRA EX-60005A002ENC (restricted)*G077636 
SRA EX-60005A002ENC (restricted)*G029209 
SRA EX-7000(v.10.0.3)5A002ENC (restricted)*G077636 
SRA EX-70005A002ENC (restricted)*G029209 
SRA EX-90005A002ENC (restricted)*G139415 
SRA Virtual Appliance5D002c.1ENC (restricted)*G135994 
SRA Virtual Appliance-E-Class5D002ENC (restricted)*G135993 
SSL VPN AVTL EX-25005A002ENC (restricted)*G029209 
SSL VPN AVTL EX-750(v.10.0.3)5A002ENC (restricted)*G077636 
SSL VPN AVTL EX-7505A002ENC (restricted)*G029209 
SSL-VPN 2005A002ENC (unrestricted)G042873 
SSL-VPN 20005A002ENC (unrestricted)G042873 
SSL-VPN 40005A002ENC (restricted)*G050491 
StatTM v5.7.35D992CNLRG070649AT1
Social Migrator for SharePoint v25D992NLRN/AN/A
Storage Horizon v3.8.15D992NLR  
Storage Maximizer for SharePoint v2.6.15D992NLRTBDNone
Storage Suite for Windows v6.55D992NLR  
SuperMassive 9200 Series5A002ENC (restricted)*G148107 
SuperMassive 9400 Series5A002ENC (restricted)*G148107 
SuperMassive 9600 Series5A002ENC (restricted)*G148107 
SuperMassive E101005A002ENC (restricted)*G136990 
SuperMassive E102005A002ENC (restricted)*G136990 
SuperMassive E104005A002ENC (restricted)*G136990 
SuperMassive E108005A002ENC (restricted)*G136990 
ToadTM Data Modeler v5.45D992CMM - NLRG140499N/A
ToadTMData Point Viewer v3.75D992CNLRG140499None
ToadTM Extension for Visual Studio 1.5.2EAR99   
ToadTMfor Cloud Databases v1.15D992cMMG140499 
ToadTMfor Data Point v3.75D992cNLRG140499None
ToadTMfor DB2 v65D992cMMG140499None
ToadTMfor Hadoop v1.15D992cNLRN/AN/A
ToadTMfor IBM DB2 v5.35D992cMMG140499 
ToadTMfor MySQL v7.55D992cMMG140499None
ToadTMExtensions for Eclipse v2.15D992cNLRG140499None
ToadTMfor Oracle v12.65D992cMMG140499None
ToadTMfor SQL Server v6.65D992cMMG140499None
ToadTM for Sybase v2.15D992CMMG140499None
ToadTM Intelligence Central v2.55D992NLRN/AN/A
ToadTM Studio v2.05D992cMMG140499 
ToadTM Mac Edition v1.25D992CNLRG140499None
ToadTM Decision Point v2.45D992CNLRG140499None
TZ 1005A002ENC (unrestricted)G072370 
TZ 100W5A002ENC (unrestricted)G072370 
TZ 1055A002ENC (unrestricted)G142029 
TZ 105W5A002ENC (unrestricted)G142029 
TZ 1505A002ENC (unrestricted)G037966 
TZ 150W5A002ENC (unrestricted)G040005 
TZ 1705A002ENC (unrestricted)G032225 
TZ 170SP5A002ENC (unrestricted)G034495 
TZ 170SPW5A002ENC (unrestricted)G034495 
TZ 170W5A002ENC (unrestricted)G034495 
TZ 1805A002ENC (unrestricted)G053425 
TZ 180W5A002ENC (unrestricted)G053425 
TZ 1905A002ENC (unrestricted)G050154 
TZ 190W5A002ENC (unrestricted)G054171 
TZ 2005A002ENC (unrestricted)G072370 
TZ 200W5A002ENC (unrestricted)G072370 
TZ 2055A002ENC (restricted)G142029 
TZ 205W5A002ENC (restricted)G142029 
TZ 2105A002ENC (restricted)G067113 
TZ 210 Wireless5A002ENC (restricted)G067113 
TZ 2155A002ENC (restricted)G142029 
TZ 215W5A002ENC (restricted)G142029 
UMA EM 5000 Series5A002ENC (unrestricted)G069219 
Unified Communications Command Suite - Analytics v8.0.15D002.CENCTBDN/A
Unified Communications Command Suite - Diagnostics v8.0TBDTBDTBDN/A
vControl v1.85D992NLR  
vConverter v5.25D992NLR  
vFoglightTM v6.75D992CNLRG140498 
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Action Packs v5.6.25D002TSU  
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Active Directory v5.5.65D992NLR  
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Automation v5.6.2EAR99   
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Capacity Management v5.6.15EAR 99N/AN/AN/A
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Capacity Planning v5.6.2EAR99   
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Chargeback v5.6.14EAR99N/AN/AN/A
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Exchange v5.5.65D992NLR  
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Guest Process Investigation cartridge v5.6.25D992CNLR Mass MarketG140498 
vFoglightTM Cartridge for Hyper-V v5.6.125D992CNLRG140498None
vFoglightTM Cartridge for VMWare v5.6.125D992CYesG140498None
vFoglightTM Cartridge for VMware View v5.6.135D992CNLRG140498N/A
vFoglightTM Storage v2.55D992NLR  
Viewpoint5D002ENC (restricted)*G078404 
vOptimizer v3.2EAR9 9   
vOptimizer Pro5D992CNLR Mass MarketG067297 
vOps Suite v4.75D992CNLR  
vRangerTM Pro v7.1.15D992B.1NLRG066530None
vWorkspace v8.5TBDTBDTBDNone
vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite v3.175D992.cNLRG072228None
vWorkspace Monitoring & Diagnostics v5.7.0EAR99N/AN/AN/A
WebParts for SharePoint v5.75D992NLR  
Webthority™ v5.55D992NLR  
Workspace Management Expert Assist v8.5.85D002C.1ENCG048944N/A
Workspace Privilege Manager Professional v3.15D992NLRTBDN/A
WSX Series5A002ENC (unrestricted)**ERN 

*For purposes of this Matrix, ENC (restricted) means that the Product may require a license to export and ENC (unrestricted) means that the Product can be exported without prior authorization but subject to prohibitions on exports to denied countries, entities and persons.

** ERN on file with BIS; contact SonicWall if additional information required.

All Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) and CCATS provided herein are subject to change without notice. Any use of such classifications, groups, or symbols by you is without recourse to Dell Inc. and is at your own risk. Dell Inc. is in no way responsible for any damages whether direct, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, suffered by you as a result of using or relying upon such classifications, groups, or symbols for any purpose whatsoever.

For ECCNs of prior versions of our software, please contact us.

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