PartnerDirect for Software Sales

Grow your business quickly with end-to-end solutions

Thanks in large part to our channel partners, Dell Software is a $1.5 billion business selling into 90% of the Fortune 1000. Accelerate your time-to-profitability with one simple set of resources that drives sales of end-to-end and point solutions. Our PartnerDirect program -- enhanced for partners who sell enterprise software -- offers simplicity, flexibility and choice for delivering the vast capabilities of the Dell Software offering in four competency areas:

  • Security – for identity and access management, networks, endpoints and email infrastructure
  • Systems management – for clients, Windows Server, virtual and cloud environments, and performance monitoring
  • Data protection – for enterprise backup and recovery, virtual infrastructure, and applications
  • Information management – for database development and administration, business intelligence, Big Data analytics, applications and data integration

Whether you’re selling software only or a combination of hardware and software, you will benefit not only from intensive training and enablement, but also from solid rules of engagement and the power of the Dell brand.

Dell’s award winning PartnerDirect program

When you become a partner in Dell’s PartnerDirect program, you will see that teaming up with Dell is easy and efficient for your business. Dell offers many tools and resources to help partners raise profits and provide the flexibility and expertise your customers deserve. From business development to sales, marketing to support, Dell PartnerDirect recognizes and rewards the most committed and qualified partners with the tools and resources to drive profitability and growth. Dell PartnerDirect program benefits include:

  • Deal Registration: protect qualified opportunities
  • Training: high-value, low-cost training & certifications
  • Marketing: access to co-branding marketing materials
  • Financing: flexible partner & customer financing
  • PartnerDirect Portal: Partner resources consolidated at one location

If you have not yet registered for PartnerDirect, please register today!

If you are already a member of Dell’s PartnerDirect program, you can log into the Dell PartnerDirect portal here.

Benefits, resources and opportunities to ensure success

Enjoy choice, opportunity and shared growth with the benefits that matter most to you. From business development to sales and marketing support, we are as committed to you as you are to us. And we prove it by also providing incremental sales opportunities and resources from the extended Dell team.

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Leveraging your Competencies and discovering new paths to profit

Target the best possibilities for growth and get the support you need to thrive. The PartnerDirect program will include four software-focused Competency areas, which map to areas of substantial opportunity. Whether you're capitalizing on an existing strength or seeking new areas of growth, completing PartnerDirect Competencies and achieving Preferred or Premier Partner status ensures your organization will get the highest level of support and benefits from Dell.

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Empowering you to go as high as your commitment takes you

Through the PartnerDirect training and enablement programs, you will develop the knowledge and skills you need to sell and demonstrate Dell products and related services across multiple competencies and learning paths.

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