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SharePoint 2010 solutions

SharePoint 2010: Migrate and Manage

Without the proper tools and plan in place, migrating to, and getting the most from Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can be a disaster. You run the risk of lost data, wasted time and resource investments, and, maybe worst of all, user abandonment.

With Dell Software SharePoint solutions, you can get control of your new SharePoint 2010 environment with tools to:

  • Prepare for your SharePoint migration to ensure less risk and a successful move
  • Migrate with minimal impact on end users or IT
  • Manage your new environment efficiently without placing a burden on IT
  • Customize SharePoint without the risk, cost and complexity of custom coding
Pre-migration readiness

Pre-migration readiness

Thoroughly assess your environment to properly plan for your migration, so you know exactly what to expect before you begin. Dell Software tools help you:

  • Reduce the risk, time and effort associated with migration
  • Discover and inventory your source environment to avoid surprises and move only what you need
  • Plan your target infrastructure to ensure long-term efficiency



Minimize the risk, time and effort required to migrate and consolidate content to SharePoint 2010 on-premises and Office 365. Whether you are moving SharePoint data, Windows files, Exchange public folders, Google Drive content or Lotus Notes applications, Dell tools ensure a fast and reliable migration with minimal impact on both IT and end users.



Improve the efficiency, security and manageability of your SharePoint 2010 environment — and reduce the stress on your IT staff — with solutions for:

  • Centralized reporting, auditing and access management
  • Simplified backup and recovery
  • Improved user adoption



Deliver custom applications that can be easily and reliably supported, maintained, and upgraded across your entire environment. With Dell SharePoint 2010 web parts, you can:

  • Satisfy business requirements
  • Complete projects sooner
  • Reduce the associated risks, costs and complexities