AppAssure Doc Retriever for SharePoint

Simplified back up and restore for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 documents

Simplify your SharePoint document recovery. Quickly restore SharePoint documents from SharePoint 2007 and 2010 in just minutes—without a SharePoint recovery farm—with AppAssure DocRetriever.  Connect directly to native SQL Server backup files. You can simply view and share SharePoint objects (when connected live to SharePoint). Easily restore SharePoint files and objects like sites, site hierarchies, libraries, list items and views directly to production or other SharePoint servers, or to a file system.  Use DocRetriever with Dell AppAssure backup, replication and recovery software to back up SharePoint, and ensure SharePoint file recovery, as well as recovery of any component of your SharePoint environment.


  • Easily install Dell DocRetriever in just minutes for rapid SharePoint document recovery.
  • Browse your backup directly with your SharePoint browser, and search full content to locate any object in just seconds.
  • Restore SharePoint files, entire sites, sub-sites, documents, libraries and item lists, and any one of multiple document versions.
  • Retain all permissions and metadata in your SharePoint file recovery, so the data works properly with the application—without needing a separate recovery server.
  • Save time by restoring only missing items, and not having to deploy temporary SharePoint recovery farms or rebuild an entire production database.
  • Restore SharePoint documents and items to a file system, directly to your original production environment or to a preferred location in a production SharePoint server. Connect directly to native SQL back-up files to restore when you back up SharePoint SQL Server files.
  • You gain ready access to modified or added objects, because all operations are logged and audited.
  • Ensure compliance in all restore operations, because it works through supported SharePoint APIs.