Authentication Services

Active Directory authentication that extends infrastructure to the rest of your enterprise

Achieve and stay in compliance with cross-platform control, single sign-on and simplified identity and access management.

Integrate Unix, Linux and Mac OS X in Active Directory, while extending the compliance and security of Active Directory to your enterprise using Authentication Services, part of the Privileged Access Suite for Unix.

This Active Directory user authentication tool enables you to achieve compliance with cross-platform access control. And with centralized authentication and single sign-on, your organization can improve operational efficiencies. By using this Active Directory integration software, you can also unify identities and consolidate directories, simplifying identity and access management.


  • Active Directory for Unix, Linux and Mac – Extend the authentication, authorization and administration infrastructure of Active Directory to the rest of your enterprise. This authentication tool enables Unix, Mac OS X and Linux systems to operate as full citizens within Active Directory. View the complete list of Unix, Linux and Mac operating systems supported here.
  • Audit, alerting and change tracking – Prove that your Unix, Linux and Mac OS X systems have control over non-Windows stored data when they join Active Directory. Authentication Services enables you to alert on, audit, and show in-depth change history of Unix-centric information being managed by Active Directory.
  • Administration, configuration and management – Access an intuitive, platform-agnostic web console; get root delegation capabilities and centralized access to an Active Directory bridge.
  • Group Policy for Unix, Linux and Mac – Extend policy-based management (through Windows Group Policy) to non-Windows systems, including Group Policy for Mac OS X using the product’s patented framework.
  • Access control – Get central control over which Active Directory users are permitted to authenticate to which non-Windows systems because Authentication Services extends the native access control capabilities of Active Directory to non-Windows systems.
  • Deployment flexibility – Options range from a non-impact, "schema-less" deployment to a fully rationalized, "get to one" environment, enabling you to deploy Authentication Services in whichever way best suits your objectives, environment,  timelines and challenges.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) – Implement “Kerberized” and LDAP SSO to Unix, Linux and Mac OS X systems in the same way they’re used in Windows. You also get out-of-the-box single sign-on for a variety of applications, including Siebel, SAP and DB2.
  • NIS migration and directory consolidation – Streamline the process of joining Unix/Mac OS X/Linux systems and users to your Active Directory domain. Simplify migration from multiple authentication mechanisms (including NIS), directories and identities to a single Active Directory-based infrastructure for all of your users and systems.
  • Simplified identity and access management – Maximize the value of your investment in Active Directory and AD-optimized identity administration tools, while dramatically simplifying your existing security framework, meta-directory, or synchronization solution.