Simplify the process of ensuring application readiness

Easily address application compatibility issues for successful and cost-effective migrations

With ChangeBASE, you can automate application compatibility testing, application remediation, application packaging, and application virtualization to reduce the risk of migrating while ensuring  application readiness. You’ll also be able to accelerate patch updates or deployments to new platforms.

ChangeBASE makes it easy to find and fix compatibility issues by providing a wide range of reports. With minimal manual effort, you’ll be able package up your applications in minutes to get them up and running faster than you ever thought possible. And naturally, ChangeBASE also simplifies ongoing maintenance dramatically.


  • Application discovery and rationalization—Get a complete application inventory by quickly identifying your software assets. Learn More
  • Automated bulk importing—Import applications directly from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.
  • Application compatibility testing—Identify compatibility issues before deploying an application to the target environment.
  • Application readiness dashboards—Use online dashboards and reports to gain insight into application compatibility projects.
  • Bulk auto-fix compatibility issues—Automate remediation of application compatibility issues across desktop, server, virtual and web applications.
  • Windows OS patch impact assessment—Use complete patch impact assessments to reduce security risks and speed deployment times.
  • Customized packaging checks—Ensure compliance with in-house and packaging (MSI) standards by testing and automatically applying fixes.
  • Application packaging—Automate conversion of any application format to standardized Windows Installer (MSI) packages.
  • Automated application virtualization conversion—Automate conversion of packages to App-V, ThinApp, XenApp, and SWV virtualized formats.
  • MSI editing—Use built-in MSI editing capabilities to reduce the need for expensive third-party application packaging tools.
  • Microsoft Office dependency testing—Identify and highlight potential issues integrated with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Browser compatibility—Identify Internet Explorer and Firefox application compatibility issues.






Take a tour of key functionality in ChangeBASE interface to experience its capabilities and ease of use.

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Customizable dashboard reporting

The new role-centric ChangeBASE dashboard is designed to be customizable, enabling you to drag and drop "widgets" on the dashboard to show the most relevant view of application information.

Expanded widget dashboard view

User-defined widgets can also be created to tailor the dashboard to each organization.

Comprehensive range of application compatibility tests

ChangeBASE runs more than 250,000 tests on your applications. Many of these have automated fixes available. All checks will be run against user-defined target platforms when needed.

Automated compatibility issue fixes

Once you've found your application compatibility issues, ChangeBASE can automatically resolve the vast majority of these issues. This substantially accelerates application delivery.

Report Designer

We've expanded the reporting capability to allow complete customization via the new ChangeBASE Report Designer.

Report view

Reports detail the compatibility of a group of applications with your selected target platforms. These reports can be used either before fixes are applied to build a business case, or after issues have been fixed to document and communicate the results of the project.

Easy-to-use visual reports

Reports can be viewed via the Web and exported into all major file types. The reports can also show high-level information using charts.