Application Compatibility Testing

Easily address application compatibility issues for successful and cost-effective migrations

Whether you are upgrading your operating system, applying patch updates or virtualizing your applications, ChangeBASE makes these processes more efficient and effective:

  • Accurately scope migration time and costs
  • Avoid process iterations by identifying potential compatibility issues upfront
  • Cut testing time by automatically converting applications to MSI
  • Quickly identify migration issues that may arise across the entire application estate
  • Prioritize applications with detailed reports

ChangeBASE can bulk import MSI and virtualized applications while also automatically converting legacy installers to a MSI format. These applications can then be assessed against your target platform to quickly determine compatibility.

How it works

  • Microsoft Windows assessment - Determine application compatibility for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012 as well as the time and resources needed for your migration.
  • Application Virtualization assessment - Determine application compatibility for Microsoft APP-V, Citrix XenApp Streaming Profiler, VMWare ThinApp or Symantec SWV. Compare compatibility ratings in order to accelerate the adoption of virtual application solutions.
  • Virtual Desktop and RDS assessment - Simply assess compatibility for virtual, server, hosted, and traditional clients in one pass.
  • Browser assessment - Check Web application files and pages in order to detect potential web application compatibility issues when deploying Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Microsoft Office Dependency assessment - Identify Microsoft Office-dependent applications to prepare for Microsoft Office 2007-2013 migrations.
  • Microsoft Patch Impact assessment - Reduce security risks and speed up the deployment of Microsoft security updates and patches by completing patch impact assessments within minutes.
  • Customization - Gain control by authoring your own company specific checks and fixes for your applications.