Application Packaging

Easily address application compatibility issues for successful and cost-effective migrations

To overcome traditional application packaging challenges, ChangeBASE adds automation into standard processes in order to vastly improve delivery times and costs without compromising the security of the installer. ChangeBASE helps by automating:

  • Conversion of any legacy installer into MSI
  • Conversion of legacy installer into virtual application format
  • Remediation of applications for OS or virtual format compatibility

Once the package files are created, skilled packaging resources can tweak the package where necessary. ChangeBASE also includes a full MSI editing tool to simplify the packaging process.  The benefits of this are:

  • Reduces the need for third-party packaging tools
  • Enables a centralized deployment mechanism
  • Ensures corporate policies and standards are met
  • Saves time, prevents errors, and helps meet user demand

ChangeBASE can automatically convert all existing and legacy applications into MSI or virtual application packages.  ChangeBASE can convert to the following virtual technology formats:

  • Microsoft App-V
  • VMware ThinApp
  • Citrix XenApp Streamed
  • Symantec SWV.

With ChangeBASE you can  prepare up to 100 applications in a single day, compared to the 2-4 applications possible with manual packaging. Application packaging features include:

  • Automated corporate packaging standards—Develop custom QA tests and automate fixes for issues related to in-house and packaging (MSI) standards.
  • Automated application virtualization package creation—Automatically virtualize multiple applications into the format of your choice.
  • MSI editing—Convert all legacy application formats into standardized Windows Installer (MSI) packages while  allowing users to makes edits.