User environment configuration

Desktop Authority combines user environment management with traditional desktop management to create a simple, yet robust way to automate your user configurations, regardless of the complexity of your unique mix of OS, printers, applications and more.

Eliminate logon scripts.

Desktop Authority lets you select (rather than code) desktop configurations through a simple web interface. Selections include Registry settings, Office and Outlook settings, drive mappings, message boxes, PC power management, printers, and more.

Reduce and simplify Group Policy management.

Desktop Authority parses ADM/ADMX templates, allowing you to deploy Windows configuration settings using more than 40 Validation Logic criteria. This enables you to precisely target the deployment of the 2,400-plus Group Policies available.

Control Internet browser behaviors.

Desktop Authority’s Internet Browser management object allows you to directly control virtually every aspect of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox so you can easily manage browser configurations.

Manage power schemes.

Provide the optimal balance between user productivity and energy savings by centrally creating, editing and deploying Windows power management schemes. Shut down inactive machines, manage power settings, and centralize energy-savings reporting.

Control configuration across physical, virtual and published environments.

Desktop Authority is the single solution that enables you to precisely control configuration across every delivery infrastructure, whether it’s physical, virtual, or published.