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Foglight for .NET

Microsoft .NET monitoring that’s simplified

Simplify performance monitoring of .NET applications.

Improve the performance and availability of Microsoft .NET applications. Monitor and diagnose problems in real time to help ensure the availability of Microsoft .NET applications. Plus, facilitate incident and problem management processes with this Microsoft.NET monitoring software tool  to discover, diagnose  and resolve issues before end users are impacted.

  • Oversee .NET application performance and availability from end user to the database
  • Identify performance problems down to the offending code
  • Diminish MTTR with deep coverage across the application stack
  • Track individual user issues in production with pinpoint diagnostics


Infographic Application Performance Monitoring

  • Production-ready 24x7 .NET monitoring – Leverage multi-level byte code instrumentation options to improve your .NET monitor flexibility, and gain high value with limited overhead.
  • Real-time alerts and intuitive workflows – Track individual requests for method-level details to facilitate triage and diagnosis. Receive alerts on slow web requests that impact end users, and click through to visualize the transaction path and response time breakdown across the run-time architecture.
  • TransactionDNA technology – Leverage a patent-pending data model that uses transactions as the framework for unifying disparate sources of rich IT data for dashboards, visualizations and analysis.
  • Customer-centric transactions – Combine with Foglight for User Experience Monitoring to integrate the user perspective with all application layer traces automatically linked back to the end user and their associated session activity
  • Application flow maps – Visualize the full transaction flow through application server and middleware tiers application flow maps. Optionally extend mapping to include the client browser, database and storage systems, and all network devices along the path with additional Foglight cartridges.
  • Auto-detection of application run-time architecture – Keep up with dynamic production environment changes, including vMotion, by being able to visualize accurate transaction paths.
  • .NET container and CLR monitoring – Support triage workflows with key data generated from tile-based views. Experience root cause analysis through deep visualizations that aid second-level support application teams. Gain insight into your environment by collecting data on state, alarms and events by server, application or .NET domain.
  • Comprehensive APM coverage – Use Foglight for .NET with other Foglight monitoring capabilities to access transactional, application component, and infrastructure visualizations of the run-time architecture. Get the correct APM view for the right user, and facilitate collaboration between application operations, support and development.



Foglight for .NET (7 Screenshots)

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Organizes top-level SLA dashboards by services, tiers and transactions

Organizes top-level SLA dashboards

Organizes SLA dashboards based on business context (from transaction attributes parsed from URL parameters, header and payload content) enabling prioritization of IT issues according to business impact.

Maps the application infrastructure

Maps the application infrastructure

Maps the application infrastructure to deliver rich run-time architecture and dependency mapping with complete transaction path analysis – from end user request to container to VM to ESX. Integrated support for vMotion dynamically updates the maps in real-time. Optionally extend visibility to database/storage systems and all network devices along the path.

Identifies application components as part of the run-time architecture via a simple, tile-based representation.

Identifies application components

Enables independent admin teams to coordinate effectively with full integration of cross-functional capability with intuitive drill-down into specialized expert dashboards.

Links all application layer traces to end-user requests

Links all application layer traces to end-user requests

Follows individual transactions from the end user through the application infrastructure to deliver a dynamic run-time architecture and response time breakdown by tier that links directly to all aspects of the transaction execution including the associated method-level traces for code- and container-level troubleshooting, and the end user session with all the associated content and user data at the browser layer.

Identify virtualization impacts on web application performance

Identify virtualization impacts on web application performance

Combine with virtualization monitoring for the only APM solution takes application support from the end-user transaction to JVM to VM to ESX host in order to identify the effects of virtualization and shared resource conflicts for web applications.

Provides deep .NET monitoring

Provides deep .NET monitoring

Provides deep .NET monitoring with rich, developer-friendly detail into individual requests and method calls, low overhead for production deployment, and intelligent baselining for proactively detecting anomalous behavior before it impacts end users.

Allows user to perform code-level root cause analysis

Allows user to perform code-level root cause analysis

Provides code-level root cause analysis for Java/.NET applications, with visibility into web servers, middleware, portals, and packaged app components that can be optionally extended to SQL execution from inside the database.