Foglight for Oracle

Optimize Oracle performance with non-stop data collection and instant metric-sensitive alerts

Deliver remote database monitoring and compare performance data across the IT environment.

Get an enterprise view of database health and automate performance analysis to quickly identify and fix problem servers and resource areas. With this robust Oracle monitoring tool, you’ll maximize database performance and availability. And with Foglight’s new SQL Performance Investigator (PI) functionality, you get a highly scalable and easily configurable SQL workload performance analytics engine.


Foglight for Oracle is comprised of the SQL PI analytics engine and unrivaled database monitoring functionality.


  • Powerful performance investigation – Optimize performance proactively with an analytics engine that collects and investigates data on baselines, lock analysis and change tracking.
  • Simple-to-use, web-based UI – Access all the information you need to improve Oracle performance and keep the execution of SQL statements in check.
  • Multidimensional SQL workload drilldowns – Drill into the datacube to easily investigate database workload. View every dimension of your data, including users, programs, SQL, objects, files and sessions.
  • Historical lock analysis – Resolve Oracle concurrency issues in record time with historical reviews of blocking-lock scenarios. The lock analysis is part of the dimensional drilldown workflow, simplifying lock investigations.
  • Automated change tracking – Find out when changes to server, instance, database and schema environments occur, as well as application SQL degradations. Offers custom change alerts.
  • Comparison reporting – Identify root causes and symptoms of performance deviations in application environments quickly and easily.
  • Statement-level wait-event analysis – View wait-event data down to the statement level to rapidly resolve resource-related performance problems.
  • Execution Plan analysis - Drill into SQL Statement execution plans and identify bottlenecks via: 
    • Smart operations analysis
    • Sophisticated object analysis
    • Execution plan comparisons


Database monitoring

  • Streamlined work experience – Speed through your work with intuitive interfaces, built-in expert guidance and easy-to-follow workflows.
  • Global view – Resolve performance issues across Oracle and other platforms by determining your most critical problems and taking immediate action.
  • Download-and-go architecture – Take advantage of quick, easy, wizard-driven installation to start monitoring your databases within minutes. Seamlessly integrate Foglight for Oracle with other end-to-end enterprise monitors.
  • Integrated reporting – Receive targeted, built-in reports. With easy-to-use wizards, you can define, customize, generate, schedule and deliver reports on system health, performance, trends, changes and a variety of other topics and data points.
  • Built-in intelligence – Understand the health and activity of your Oracle enterprise deployment with management and performance views and pop-up advice with correlated workflows.
  • Adaptive baselines – Track performance using automatic detection and calculation of normal ranges for all metrics, and receive alerts about deviations from normal activity.
  • Virtual and physical host monitoring – Get the relevant OS metrics for your SQL Servers, whether it is running in a virtual or physical environment.
  • Automatic instance discovery – Deploy Foglight capabilities with automatic instance discovery or specific hosts. Manually add instances as needed.
  • Historical data – Use fast and simple navigation to resolve recent performance issues from any drilldown screen.
  • RAC, Exadata, ASM and Dataguard monitoring – Oversee failover replication and manage storage efficiently. Get notified on cluster overhead and interconnect problems – as well as issues at the cluster or instance levels – so you can take immediate corrective action.
  • 12c Multitenant architecture - Easily understand the health and activity of your Pluggable Databases
  • Enterprise configuration management – Centralize administration and configuration, plus customize individual connections.
  • Alarm workflow – Manage and annotate alarms, set up blackouts and search for past solutions.
  • Wait-state analysis – Determine where waits are occurring and what is causing the event.
  • Drag-and-drop reporting – Customize views and generate reports using the data collected by Foglight.


Supported Oracle Versions:

  • 10g
  • 11g
  • 12c.

Supports all Oracle Editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Standard Edition One
  • Standard Edition 2
  • Express Edition
  • Personal Edition


Supported Operating Systems:

  • All Operating systems supported by Oracle.


Note: SQL PI extension supports Oracle versions 11gR1 and above


Language Supported:

  • US English




Foglight for Oracle

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Global view

Global View

See the health and performance of all database servers in one view.



Investigate activity and analyze it by multiple dimensions.



View information on all sessions currently connected to the instance.



View storage use of all tablespaces configured for an instance.

Invalid objects

Invalid objects

View invalid objects for each schema in the database.