vFoglight now supports Hyper-V

Visualize, analyze and optimize your virtual infrastructure

vFoglight continues to set the standard for monitoring, capacity planning, chargeback reporting and service management in VMware ESX -- and now Hyper-V.

Virtualization poses unique challenges that are difficult to manage with traditional, non-virtualization specific solutions. Managing an expanding and increasingly complex virtual infrastructure, including applications, is putting a heavy burden on the limited and often specialized skilled resources equipped to handle the necessary tasks. Struggling with these issues, organizations are still faced with delivering on the virtualization promise of reducing costs and increasing efficiency while getting the full benefit of their virtualization investment.

Therefore, IT organizations often struggle with the following:

  1. Reduced quality of service: This is due to lack of visibility and understanding of share resources across virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures.
  2. Unrealized ROI: Matching workloads to capacity makes it difficult to achieve optimal resource utilization – under/over allocation of resources.
  3. Increasing administration costs: Administrative tasks are arduous and time-consuming -- and they occasionally lead to inconsistency and errors; this risk is magnified as a virtual environment grows.
  4. Responsiveness to business demands: IT is required to respond more quickly and more accurately to business requests.
  5. Linking utilization with service management: IT struggles to show costs and service levels in the context of business activities

To help organizations overcome these challenges, Quest offers vFoglight. Adopted by more than 6,000 customers worldwide, vFoglight helps administrators to:

  1. Provide visibility and understanding of shared resources across complex virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures while quickly detecting problems, assessing root causes and resolving issues.
  2. Assess, plan and effectively manage workloads across VMs to ensure optimal use of capacity, performance and availability
  3. Improve efficiency by reducing the effort and eliminating errors in performing time-consuming and arduous administration tasks in high-growth virtualized environments
  4. Enable IT to be more responsive to the business by better understanding the under- and over-allocation of resources, then planning, responding to business demand
  5. Link utilization with service management by showing the level of service provided, the cost of providing service, and mapping supported business activity

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