Foglight Performance Analysis for DB2 LUW

Advanced performance management for DB2 databases

Identify hard-to-find and complicated DB2 bottlenecks and inefficiencies

Identify and resolve even the most elusive or complicated bottlenecks and inefficiencies with this DB2 workload analysis tool. Understand existing or developing conditions, and see how to correct problems. Let built-in workflows and pre-compiled action plans guide you through response-time and wait-event analysis.

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  • Accelerate problem resolution – Speed time to resolution, and remove the guesswork of interpreting raw data by following built-in workflows. Plus, receive intelligent warning alerts based on deviations from normal activity.
  • Prevent problems and analyze trends – Detect meaningful patterns in resource usage, and identify and resolve deteriorating performance conditions.
  • Validate performance during change – Diminish risk when upgrading your database or deploying new applications in production, and facilitate top performance for your post-change environment.
  • StealthCollect® – Reduce overhead when executing direct SQL against production, or running a trace with deep SQL-level collection and analysis.
  • IntelliProfile® – Discover abnormal activity and track database behavior with an advanced baselining algorithm.
  • Statement-level wait-event analysis – Accelerate resolution of resource-related performance issues, and receive wait-event data down to the statement level.
  • QuickCompare – Swiftly determine the causes and symptoms of performance deviations in application environments, and take immediate action.
  • Integrated reporting – Define, customize, generate, schedule and deliver targeted, built-in reports on a variety of topics and data points, such as system health, performance, trends and changes.
  • Long-term performance repository – Benefit from dimensional analysis – as well as unlimited performance and environment data storage – in a DB2 database.
  • Automated change tracking – Detects and sends alerts about  changes to server, instance, database and schema environments, as well as application SQL degradations.