K1000 Express

Get free, easy-to-use Windows systems IT inventory management

Get free, easy-to-use Windows systems IT inventory management

The Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance Express (K1000 Express) enables you to easily determine system hardware and software inventory, assess Intel® vPro™ readiness, apply Dell BIOS and driver updates and manage Dell system warranties. The K1000 Express is a free, introductory version of the award-winning Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance.

Available as a software-only virtual appliance, the K1000 Express is an inventory-focused software solution designed for systems that run Microsoft Windows® on x86 and x64 microprocessors-including laptops, desktops, servers and tablets. While optimized to manage Dell Windows systems, the K1000 Express also manages Windows systems from other hardware manufacturers at no additional charge.


  • Inventory – Auto discovers network-wide software and hardware configurations through managed agents for the most complete computer inventory possible
  • Reporting – Provides more than 60 built-in reports and wizard-based reporting tools to easily generate routine and ad-hoc reports for a 360-degree view of your IT environment
  • Dashboard – Features a dashboard with a number of charts that display important summary information about hardware and software inventory, Dell warranty and Dell updates for easy viewing of critical information

Additional benefits for Dell systems: K1000 Express provides additional management capabilities specifically for Dell computers, including the ability to inventory, report, and renew Dell warranties, and the ability to inventory, report upon and deploy Dell BIOS and driver updates for even easier management.

  • Deployment – Downloadable, virtual appliance can be easily deployed to existing VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V environments within minutes enabling you to get started quickly
  • Maintenance – The hardened and self-healing appliance with built-in backup ensures both security and low cost to maintain, without dedicated support staff
  • Upgrade – Easy, in-place upgrade allows K1000 Express customers to easily transition to a full K1000 Systems Management Appliance and unlock more features, such as multi-OS support, patching, help desk, software distribution, and more without the need to redeploy the solution and while maintaining all inventory data and settings.