NetVault Backup

Fast and powerful image-level backup and recovery

Get secure data and applications in both physical and virtual environments

Quickly restore your entire Windows or Linux system after a catastrophic failure with the Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) option for NetVault Backup. Even if the environment has no functioning operating system, this BMR solution will quickly have your servers up and running, and have all your data restored. With the NetVault Backup BMR option, automation eliminates much of the manual intervention and guesswork, allowing you to meet your aggressive recovery time objectives.

NetVault Backup’s BMR option helps your organization:

  • Quickly recover a Windows or Linux system to similar hardware, dissimilar hardware, or a virtual machine, and get back online as soon as possible
  • Perform online full-partition backups, offline block-level backups, and Windows VSS-based backups
  • Protect boot and system images on Linux platforms
  • Recover machines with no functional operating system
  • Boot from minimal OS or LiveCD
  • Simplify job scheduling through NetVault Backup’s WebUI
  • Complement and complete your data protection strategy