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NetVault Backup Capacity Licensing Options

Secure data and applications in both physical and virtual environments

In addition to the traditional component-based licensing (by module), you can license NetVault Backup by capacity, giving you incredible flexibility to choose the model that best meets your organization’s needs.

NetVault Backup's capacity-based licensing models allow you to deploy an unlimited number of clients or application plug-ins. You can choose one of two capacity-based licensing editions that best meets your organization’s needs.

Learn more about NetVault Backup capacity-based licensing:

Comparison Chart

Features included:Netvault Backup
Capacity Edition
Netvault Backup
Enterprise Capacity Edition
Support for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X  
Support for Exchange & SharePoint  
Support for SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle & PostgreSQL   
Support for VMware & Hyper-V   
Support for tape, VTL & disk-based backups   
Support for workstations   
Bare metal recovery for Windows & Linux*  
Data encryption   
Data deduplication with NetVault SmartDisk OptionalOptional
Support for Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Optional 
Cluster support for third-party databases Optional** 
Support for UNIX, Solaris Intel & FreeBSD   
Support for SAP, Informix, DB2, Oracle RAC & Sybase   
Support for ACSLS Tape Libraries   
Support for Lotus Domino   

* Both editions include support for “cold” (offline) BMR backups for Linux and Windows servers. Both editions exclude support for “hot” (live) BMR backups for Linux; this option is only available a la carte.
** Cluster support is optional and limited to Exchange, Oracle (excluding Oracle RAC), MySQL and SQL Server.