NetVault Bare Metal Recovery

Image-level backup and recovery solution quickly restores your servers after failure

Quickly get servers up and running again after a system failure, even with no functioning operating system.

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery quickly restores your servers after a failure. Even if the environment has no functioning operating system, this bare metal restore solution will quickly have your servers up and running. With NetVault Bare Metal Recovery, automation eliminates much of the manual intervention and guesswork, enabling you to meet aggressive recovery time objectives and service level agreements.

  • NetVault Bare Metal Recovery helps your organization:
  • Preserve end-user productivity and business continuity after a failed server or disk drive
  • Ensure that your servers are back online immediately following a failure
  • Establish offline block-level backups and online full partition backups, as well as Windows VSS-based backups
  • Restore servers from bare metal to virtual machine, similar hardware or dissimilar hardware


  • Rapid recovery – Ensures user productivity and minimizes your organization’s downtime by dramatically reducing the time it takes to recover a failed production server.
  • Deep-level protection – Ensures a successful rebuild by safeguarding operating systems, application binaries network and system settings, disk partitions and data down to the partition level.
  • Online and offline backups – Allows you to select between online backups (enabling a protected system to remain online and available to your users), and offline block-level backups.
  • VaultOS recovery – Ensures access to data by enabling you to use a either a LiveCD or minimal operating system to recover a disk that has no functional operating system.
  • Automated value input – Automatically manages the recovery steps for you, entering values in the correct order to eliminate risks or guesswork; maintains current change or modified server configurations, and minimizes impact on your users.
  • Seamless integration with other backup devices – Allows automatic integration with a broad range of backup devices to store bare metal recovery images off site and to regularly capture critical system settings; delivers complete data protection if combined with NetVault FastRecover and NetVault Backup.


Client platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux

Offline-only client platforms

  • x86/x86-64

Language Supported:

  • US English