Impact-free Oracle database replication and real-time data integration

Manage and discover data integrity, monitoring and alert functioning.

Enable high-performance replication and data integration for Oracle® 10g, 11g and 12c as well as other databases with SharePlex™. Leverage in-flight data integrity, compare and repair, migration, reporting, and monitoring capabilities in one comprehensive and affordable solution. SharePlex gives you access to a real-time copy of your production data with zero impact on your OLTP system’s availability and performance, ensuring business continuity and helping you meet your database operational goals. Replicate multiple copies of data on premises, remotely or in the cloud and optimize the use of data warehouse and business intelligence applications.

We also offer SharePlex™ for SAP® to help you easily transition to modern SAP environments while minimizing risk and downtime. And with our SharePlex™ Connector for Hadoop®, you can quickly, easily and affordably integrate Oracle data into Hadoop to support big data analytics projects.


  • Near real-time data integration. Change data capture functionality enables integration with Hadoop and SAP ASE, as well as Java® Message Service (JMS) and Files. This facilitates customer-defined delivery of data to structured and unstructured databases, such as SQL Server®, DB2® , Greenplum®, Netezza®, Teradata® and more, for migrations, analytics and business intelligence.
  • Ease of use.  Within 15 minutes, you get access to everything you need for data replication, without add-ons or management packs. Get access to educational resources in the SharePlex online community.
  • Data accuracy and integrity. All target instances provide accurate representations of your source database. Get peer-to-peer conflict resolution and monitoring. Uncover anomalies between source and target for rapid repair.
  • Improved performance. Offload time-consuming reports beyond your main production database server, and copy high-volume changes without surges in your network activity.
  • Support for Oracle Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Get support for mixed environments with differing source and target operating systems, database editions and database versions, including Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c; clustered environments; and ASM, RAC, and Exadata X2 and X3.
  • Flexible data type support. Get support for LOBs, including SecureFile LOBs, LONG, UDTs, Varray, Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) for Exadata platforms.
  • Unrivaled affordability. You’ll experience the full functionality of Oracle GoldenGate, including a monitoring and alerting interface, plus more — all in one complete package at a fraction of the price.
  • Optional cloud program. Use SharePlex in the cloud for a low monthly fee. This program includes all the infrastructure, hardware and experts you need to ensure high availability.


System Requirements

  • UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®
  • 64-bit to 4 GB
Additional Software
  • SQL*Plus®
Additional Requirements
  • Recommend hard limit system file descriptors setting of a min. of 1024 or higher, as system permits.
  • The Oracle database must have at least the minimum level of supplemental logging enabled.
Source environments
  • Oracle®

Target environments
  • Oracle, SAP® ASE, Hadoop®, Java® Message Service (JMS) and Files

Note:See the platform specific Pre-installation Checklist in the Installation and Demonstration Guide for additional system and/or database requirements.
For replication, migration or data integration from Oracle to Hadoop, go to SharePlex Connector for Hadoop page

Language Supported:

  • US English