SharePlex improves disaster recovery and high availability

Gain high availability, scalability and near real-time data integration with top data replication

There are several technologies that can protect your critical data and files in the event of disaster and help you achieve 24/7 system availability. Some of these technologies are even “free.” However, the long-term network costs make “free” a very expensive proposition. Here’s how SharePlex can save you money:

You can use the same hardware to reduce downtime for planned maintenance. This means no wasted cost due to idle hardware. Plus, SharePlex does not compromise your DR plan because transactions are sent to your remote site(s).

You must ensure that the DR solution is available when it’s needed, but the required testing often involves the costly prospect of taking the DR solution offline. With SharePlex, your DR solution is continuously tested and always available for fail over. SharePlex provides you with the quickest means available for fail over to the DR site in different configurations including peer-to-peer, where there is concurrent access to both databases.

Incidents such as block level corruption, a table drop, or even the loss of a data file are some of the most common causes of data loss. SharePlex protects your organization against all these events and more.

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