Toad for Oracle

Oracle database tools that increase development and administration productivity

Increase productivity for Oracle database development and administration

Toad™ for Oracle® is the number one productivity solution for Oracle® database development and administration. These Oracle DB tools combine extensive automation with intuitive workflows to provide you with deep functionality. Toad for Oracle seamlessly integrates with the Toad World™ user community, empowering you to get answers from industry experts, interact with 3 million of your peers, and access a wealth of platform information—all without leaving Toad. Whether you’re a novice or a database pro, these Oracle tools will allow you to work and collaborate with accuracy and ease.


We offer seven different productivity-enhancing editions of Toad for Oracle, including an Exadata® edition, to fit your specific job function. See a comprehensive list of Toad for Oracle’s functionality. All editions include eight hours of free, web-based training to help you get the most from Toad.

Recommended Toad Edition by Job Function:

Application Developers

The Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition gives you the power to build, edit, and format code in your Oracle database, while eliminating performance issues in your code. With automated SQL optimization that you can access directly from the Toad Editor, the Xpert Edition helps you overcome your Oracle PL/SQL performance concerns.

PL/SQL Developers

The Toad Development Suite for Oracle is a complete set of Oracle development tools that ensures your application success by giving you improved code quality, performance, and maintainability. It reduces your costs associated with performance inefficiencies, bugs, inconsistent coding standards, and dispersed teams with varying skill levels.

  • Helps you identify gaps between intended and actual functional code execution and automate functional code testing
  • The Code Road Map enables you to model PL/SQL dependencies and relationships graphically and within a database. Learn More
  • Automates performance and scalability testing, including database workload replay. Learn More
  • Helps you to build programs according to pre-defined project coding standards and then apply code formatting. Watch formatting PL/SQL code video
  • Enables you to scan code for problematic SQL statements and lets you find the most efficient SQL alternative with just one click. Learn More
  • Toad World Videos

Database Administrators

The Toad DBA Suite for Oracle enables you to become more proactive and productive by automating maintenance and other tasks. This ensures optimal performance, and mitigates the risk of change. Toad ensures efficiency and alleviates your stress by greatly reducing the risks associated with upgrades and patches, database vulnerability, performance, and more. We also offer you an Oracle RAC edition and an Exadata Edition of this suite.

  • Allows you to trace your sessions and visually display Oracle trace file output. Watch Displaying Oracle Trace Files video
  • Enables you to generate reports on 177 aspects of database performance, configuration (including virtualized databases), schema, RAC, and security vulnerabilities. Watch Reporting on database health video
  • Lets you use easy highly visual, alert-based, point-and-click problem resolution, including contextual launching from Toad. Learn More
  • Enables you to pre-empt and mitigate potential performance bottlenecks by performing database predictive diagnostics.
  • Lets you visualize instance, cluster, and interconnect levels for Oracle RAC performance diagnostics.
  • Toad World Videos
  • Diagnose Oracle Exadata performance bottlenecks and resolve them, plus ensure proper Exadata configuration


Client Requirements:

  • Intel® Pentium® PC
  • 1 GB RAM and 120 MB disk space for Toad™ for Oracle® 32-bit
  • 2 GB RAM and 150 MB disk space for Toad for Oracle 64-bit
  • Oracle Client,,, 12.1
  • Or Instant Client,, 12.1

Server Requirements:

  • Oracle 8.0.6; 8.1.7; 9i; 9i R2; 10g, 10g R2; 11g, 11g R2, 12c
  • Any hardware platform

Cloud database service:

  • Oracle databases running on Amazon® EC2®

Virtualization support:

  • Application: Citrix® XenApp® 5.0 and 6.5
  • Desktop: Dell™ v Workspace™ 7.0
  • Server: Oracle® VM 3.1, VMware® ESX 3.5

For a complete list, please refer to the release notes.




Toad for Oracle

Take a tour of key functionality in the Toad for Oracle interface to experience its capabilities and ease of use.

Take a Screenshot Tour

Toad for Oracle - Schema Browser

Schema Browser

Toad’s venerable Schema Browser is the go-to tool for visualizing objects at the schema level or the database level.

Toad for Oracle - Project Manager

Project Manager

The Project Manager is a highly functional tool for organizing and personalizing many disparate elements in the database.

Toad for Oracle - ER diagram

ER Diagram

Toad’s new ER Diagram tool hosts a feature-rich interface for modeling complex data structures.

Toad for Oracle - Editor debug

Editor Debug

Toad’s expansive Editor features debugging capabilities, allowing the user to step through code while monitoring output.

Toad for Oracle - Editor SQL extract

Editor SQL extract

Toad 11 introduces the SQL Extract feature, which enables the user to pull DML from larger PL/SQL code and execute it.

Toad for Oracle - Auto optimize window

Auto Optimize window

Extract and optimize embedded SQL – without copying it to a separate Editor tab.

Toad for Oracle - Auto optimize window

Auto Optimize window

The Auto Optimize window writes alternative queries that users can compare to the original statements.

Toad for Oracle - Code analysis window

Code Analysis window

Scan and analyze database objects and PL/SQL files for code correctness in the Code Analysis window.

Toad for Oracle - DB health check

DB Health Check

Write customized explanations for each DB check item through the DB Health Check feature.

Toad for Oracle - DB health check report

DB Health Check Report

The DB Health Check Report Output tab lists Health Check results. Users can save the results as HTML output.