Toad for SAP Solutions Edition comparison

Simplify SAP SQL development and administration

Toad for SAP Solutions is available in several editions that offer powerful SAP administration, development, tuning, maintenance, and risk-mitigation tools to boost your productivity.

CapabilityBaseXpertXpert +
DB Admin
Create and execute queries    
Manage database objects    
Compare and synchronize data    
Automate routine tasks     
Gain support for Sybase ASE, IQ, and SQL Anywhere    
Scan code and identify performance inefficiencies    
Automate SQL optimization by generating alternate SQL     
Generate alternate index options    
Automate report generation     
Simplify administration tasks    
Review session-level information    
Conduct performance and scalability testing    
Stress test the database using simulated workload    
Test databases according to TPC standards    
Diagnose performance issues in real time    
Pinpoint database bottlenecks on multiple instances    
Find problem users based on either CPU utilization, I/O utilization, or blocking processes    
Resolve performance issues before end users are impacted    
Create high-quality data models    
Compare and synch models    
Deploy accurate changes to data structures    
Generate complex DDL    
Reverse and forward engineer databases