vOptimizer Pro

Shrink VMDK disk files and improve VM I/O performance with 64K alignments, quickly and easily

Reclaim over-allocated virtual storage (shrink VMDKs) and perform 64K partition alignments to significantly improve VM I/O performance.

vOpimizer Pro™ can help you boost VM I/O performance by reclaiming over-allocated virtual storage (shrink VMDK disk files) and performing 64K partition alignment. The results can be reduced costs, time savings, and minimized virtual storage risks.

  • See the total amount and value of over-allocated VM storage.
  • Shrink VMDK disk files for use by other applications and business units.
  • Save time and resize VMs automatically.
  • Avert VM outages caused by storage shortages.
  • Execute 64K partition alignment and increase VM I/O performance by up to 15 percent.


  • Scans of unused storage – Locate and get a sum of all unused virtual storage from scans of vCenter Server/ESX Hosts and individual VMs. View your potential storage savings based on your storage costs and free space needed with the Unused Space Scan feature.
  • VM Storage optimization – Save on storage by reclaiming VM storage and using existing storage. The single user interface of vOptimizer Pro makes it easy to reclaim unused storage in VMs and allows you to increase or decrease VM size based on business rules.
  • Volume resizing rules engine – Add free space at regular intervals to VMs based on predefined rules, minimizing virtual storage waste and preventing painful VM outages caused by unavailable storage.
  • Detailed storage cost reporting – Get a clear view of virtual storage use and related long-term costs. Quickly address issues that may have a negative business impact, such as storage growth trends and spikes.
  • VM partition alignment – Achieve optimal VM data transmission and minimum I/O device latency with proper 64K alignment. Ensure the highest performance for your VMware software and storage investments with a patent-pending process that aligns VM OS partitions to 64K offsets. Maximize flexibility by realigning volumes one by one, or scheduling several simultaneous 64K alignments for non-peak times.
  • Risk mitigation – If optimizations fail, you can automatically backup and restore VMs with vOptimizer Pro.


vOptimizer Pro - Wasted Space Summary

vOptimizer Pro Wasted Space Summary

vOptimizer Pro can scan entire VMware virtual infrastructures in minutes, summarize the total amount of over allocated storage, and then provide actual savings estimates of reclaiming this space.

vOptimizer Pro -VM Storage Utilization Report # 1

vOptimizer Pro VM Storage Utilization Report # 1

vOptimizer Pro quickly locates and reports on VMs wasting the most storage. Easy-to-read graphical reports detail both storage utilization and storage cost estimates as well.

vOptimizer Pro VM Storage Utilization Report #2

vOptimizer Pro VM Storage Utilization Report #2

Report shows space utilization before and after a vOptimizer Pro space reclamation job was performed. Notice that storage savings estimates are included as well.