vRanger Technology Partnerships

Learn about other leading data protection vendors whose technology complements vRanger. Experience holistic, innovative data protection and world-class analytics for cloud and storage infrastructures. Deploy and run these extended solutions with confidence, as vRanger has been tested and certified on each one. Need more information about a vendor? Please contact us or the vendors directly.


vRanger has been tested and certified for backup and recovery by several vendors of cloud gateway products that provide high-value, low-cost, offsite data recovery.

RiverbedRiverbed® Whitewater® cloud storage gateways, combined with public cloud storage, provide secure, off-site storage for vRanger data sets. In addition, Whitewater gives you superior disaster recovery and drop-in installation at costs 30 to 50 percent lower than those for existing tape- and disk-based replication systems.
StorSimpleThe StorSimple enterprise cloud storage appliance, certified by both Microsoft and VMware, offers automatically tiered primary storage, as well as archiving, data protection and disaster recovery in one box to reduce storage infrastructure costs by up to 80%.
NasuniNasuni delivers virtually unlimited cloud storage capacity from leading providers appearing as a network-attached storage filer. This offering shields small organizations from the complexities of configuration, deployment, and management of cloud services.
TwinStrataTwinStrata’s CloudArray® is a cloud storage gateway appliance offering enterprise-class data storage and data protection. It seamlessly integrates with existing on-premise storage environments to deliver cost-effective, unlimited storage services optimized for performance and available for multiple sites.


vRanger has been tested and certified for backup and recovery by several vendors of storage appliances that offer consolidated, high-value and low-cost disk backup.

EMCEMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems offer next-generation backup and recovery capabilities including inline de-duplication at speeds of up to 26.3 TB per hour and network-efficient replication. A single system can reduce storage requirements 10-30x and protect up to 28.5 petabytes of logical capacity, offering continuous recovery verification, fault detection, and healing for end-to-end data integrity.
HPHP StoreOnce Backup Systems provide disk-based back-up targets offering inline data de-duplication. The family of products ensures cost-effective, consolidated backups, fast restores of data and disaster recovery via replication to remote locations.
QuantumThe Quantum DXi-Series of entry-level, mid-range, and enterprise-class disk-based backup appliances offer deduplication and replication for use in a wide range of IT environments. They reduce disk and network bandwidth requirements by at least 90%, cut backup costs and enhance retention capabilities to making WAN replication a practical DR tool.
ExaGridThe ExaGrid system enables faster and more reliable backups and restores. It prevents backup windows from exploding as data grows, scaling seamlessly from 1TB to 130TB. ExaGrid employs post-process deduplication, which allows you to write backups directly to disk at disk speed, reducing backup time by 30 to 90 percent compared to traditional tape backup. Plus, it enables rapid restores of the most recent backup to also provide instant restores for virtual servers.


vRanger has been tested and certified by a market-leading analytics application vendor whose solution enhances data protection and management in virtual environments.

BocadaBocada Vision is a ground-breaking data protection service management solution that addresses the complexities of backup and recovery in virtual environments. It helps ensures recovery for virtual machines (VMs) by providing in-depth visibility and analysis of VM snapshot and backup activity.