vWorkspace simplifies the deployment & management of virtual desktops

vWorkspace lets you deploy a blended model – pairing the appropriate technologies to users based on their unique needs while keeping the average cost per virtual desktop to a minimum.

vWorkspace™ lets you deploy a blended model of VDI and terminal server technology – pairing appropriately with your users’ unique needs while reducing your average cost per virtual desktop. vWorkspace Hyper-V Catalyst Components enable you to achieve  faster provisioning and significant storage savings. Add to that precise load balancing and integrated user-experience monitoring and you get the best performance regardless of the device or platform.

Explore vWorkspace capabilities for brokering connections, simplifying enterprise-level management and optimizing the user-experience for your desktop virtualization project.

Try our free Workspace Assessment tool to determine if your environment is ready for desktop virtualization — and which VDI technologies would fit your organization.


vWorkspace makes desktop virtualization affordable, easy to manage and achievable for your organization:

  • Facilitate BYOD in your workplace with vWorkspace connectors for iOS (iPad / iPhone), Android, Mac, Linux, and Java.
  • Blend virtual-desktop and application technology to suit your budget, as well as mix and match hosted VDI, local/offline VDI, TS/RDSH, and application virtualization.
  • Create virtual-desktop environments of all sizes in minutes to fit your needs with Desktop Clouds.
  • Maintain optimum performance of your virtual desktops through advanced load-balancing and scalability — right out of the box.
  • Eliminate your expensive SAN storage through seamless use of local storage (DAS).
  • Reduce network latency on your end users in home offices and offshore locations with patent-pending technology.
  • Speed up updates and multimedia content for a heightened user experience across your organization’s different devices using our Experience Optimized Protocol™ (EOP).
  • Customize your vWorkspace with a variety of platforms, storage solutions, access devices and licensing options.
  • Automate your organization’s virtual-desktop management to reduce administration costs.
  • Enjoy quick start-up and smooth administration of your virtual-desktop infrastructure via installation wizards and a library of PowerShell cmdlets available in the vWorkspace Community.
  • Lock down your users’ access with SSL gateway, delegated administration and optional multi-factor authentication.
  • Receive rich reporting on administrative actions, as well as your desktop state and environment configuration with one-click access.
  • Monitor your end-users’ experience in real time and in a single view.





Take a tour of key functionality in the vWorkspace interface to experience its capabilities and ease of use.

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vWorkspace - Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Support

Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Support

vWorkspace 8.0 provides full support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, allowing you to fully benefit from new functionality in these Windows releases.

vWorkspace - Greatly enhanced Hyper-V Catalyst Components

Greatly enhanced Hyper-V Catalyst Components

The Hyper-V Catalyst Components have been enhanced in Dell vWorkspace 8.0. HyperCache now has a special mode for RDSH to provide significant IOPS reduction and performance gains, while HyperDeploy’s new storage optimization feature slashes storage requirements.

vWorkspace - User Experience Monitoring

User Experience Monitoring

A new view in the vWorkspace 8.0 management console enables you to monitor your users’ experience by presenting relevant data pertaining to their experience and other context-aware information in a single view. This information is available for “live sessions” as well as past-user sessions, allowing you to go back in time to view user experience metrics.