Application-Specific Data Protection

Keep critical data safe with Dell application-specific data protection.

Forrester Report

That Dreaded Day: Active Directory Disasters & Solutions for Preventing Them

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Reduce or Eliminate Downtime During Migrations and Upgrades - August

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& SQL Server

Our solutions allow you to simplify and accelerate granular and disaster-level SharePoint restores, and well as back up, compress and restore SQL Server data fast..

Enabling Fast Email Recovery When Something Goes Wrong

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Active Directory Disasters from a Management Point of View

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DCIG Analyst Report: Best Practices for Protecting Oracle Databases

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Sberbank of Russia Case Study
“ Even a short period of downtime would lead to financial losses and potentially also fines. Thanks to Recovery Manager for Active Directory, we are able to
substantially reduce these risks. ”

— Aleksandr Polischuk, Head of Infrastructure and Networks Department of Information Technology Sberbank

Protecting Exchange: Best Practices and Practical Tips

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Near-continuous Oracle database server protection means you’ll never be without your Oracle database servers.


We offer solutions for user-managed and Oracle RMAN backup and disaster recovery, as well as impact-free Oracle database replication for high availability.


Near-continuous, image-level backup of Oracle database servers on Windows.

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Impact-free Oracle database replication and real-time data integration.

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Confident. Resilient. Prepared. Three Steps to Prepare for Active Directory Threats, Risks and Mitigation

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Recover the apps that drive your business — right now.

Keep downtime to an absolute minimum when it comes to the critical applications your organization relies on every day, including Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, Active Directory and Oracle applications.

Even with a strong enterprise data protection foundation in place, many data centers need specialized protection to meet specific business-driven service level agreements. That’s why we offer a broad offering of tools designed specifically for application administrators to control backup, recovery and ROI.