Backup & Recovery

Preserve critical data with Dell backup and recovery.

Forrester Report

Forrester Report: Firms Overconfident in Their Disaster Recovery Ability

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Match Your Backup to Your Business with the Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite

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Near Continuous
Backup and Disaster Recovery

With Dell, you have access to near-CDP, image-level backup that recovers data in mere seconds. Choose any level of granularity to fit the data – from granular restore of individual files or applications, to complete system recovery. And quickly locate and restore individual files inside virtual and physical backups.


One application that backs up, replicates, verifies, and restores critical data at near-CDP speeds with up to 288 snapshot increments a day.

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Dell DL4300 Backup and Recovery Appliance

A robust, scalable turnkey appliance for organizations needing disaster recovery and snapshots as often as every 5 minutes.

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Dell DL1000 Backup and Recovery Appliance

Economical turnkey appliance for small to mid-size businesses needing disaster recovery and snapshots up to every hour.

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EMS Email Continuity

Rapid restore of critical email applications to ensure business continuity.

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Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking

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On-Demand: The ABCDs of Data Footprint Reduction

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Cross Sound Ferry Case Study
The Dell solution gives us peace of mind knowing that we can recover from a hardware failure in minutes rather than days.

— John Simmons, Manager of Information Technology, Cross Sound Ferry

Building Higher IT Business Continuity in the Face of Disaster

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Virtual Environments

Protect critical data on virtual machines with exceptional simplicity with solutions that give you the flexibility of using agent-based or agentless architecture.

Our solutions allow you to quickly locate and restore files inside virtual and physical backups, whether they’re located within VMware, Hyper-V or physical Windows Server backups. Plus replicate key virtual machines for offsite disaster recovery preparedness.



Agent-based backup, replication and recovery of data stored on VMware, Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox virtual machines.

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Avoiding the Data Quagmire through Effective Backup and Recovery Strategies

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Back up in minutes. Recover in seconds.

Say goodbye to long backup windows, slow recovery and high maintenance costs. Dell backup and recovery solutions cut backup windows from hours to minutes — and recovering data takes only seconds. Choose from near-continuous, image-level backup and fast, full system recovery, to highly-scalable enterprise systems that can help you reduce software maintenance costs by up to 70%.

Only Dell allows you to back up physical and virtual machines with either agent-based or agentless backup, giving you the best of both worlds. Plus, our broad portfolio lets you choose the speed at which you recover your data to meet business-driven SLAs, as well as choose your levels of protection based on how vital your data and applications are to the business.