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“ We feel confident 24/7 with the secure data protection that we get with AppAssure. ”

– Marcel LeBlanc, Operations Support/Marketing Data Analyst

Deduplication Appliances

Run backups 200% faster.
Use 93% less storage space.

Dell deduplication appliances boost the backup speeds of your existing backup software up to 200%, while using close to 93% less storage space. With more speed and less spent on storage costs — as little as $0.17/Gb — you’re saving time and money all day, every day.

Building Your Backup and Recovery Checklist

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Solving Data Growth Issues with Deduplication

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Backup & Recovery

Back up in minutes.
Recover in seconds.

Quit wasting time with backups that take hours, recovery so slow that it kills productivity and out-of-control maintenance costs. Dell backup and recovery, application and virtual machine data protection solutions deliver blazing-fast backup and recovery speeds while reducing software maintenance and professional services costs by up to 70%. Goodbye wasted time. Hello unparalleled uptime.

Building Higher IT Business Continuity in the Face of Disaster

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Application-Specific Data Protection

Instant recovery for business-critical applications.

Your company relies on Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, Active Directory and Oracle to get work done — so when those applications aren’t working, neither is your business. Dell’s powerful application backup and recovery tools provide near-continuous image-level backups and screaming fast recovery. Uninterrupted productivity was never so easy.

Data Protection Fundamentals 101

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With backup and recovery, one size doesn’t fit all.

Your budget, environment, retention policies and recovery needs shouldn’t be shoehorned into a boilerplate backup and recovery solution. At Dell we tailor our solutions to perfectly fit your company’s unique backup requirements. From application backups to licensing, SLA requirements to external backup appliances, we give you the power to choose what your company needs — not what another company says you need.

With reduced complexity, broad platform support and virtually zero data loss and downtime, we help you match your backup to your business, so you’re thinking less about backup and recovery, and more about getting work done.