Data protection: What's new in backup and recovery

Data protection: What's new in backup and recovery

We’ve been making significant investments in our backup and recovery portfolio to help you maximize the protection of your business-critical data, minimize downtime and data loss, and reduce cost and complexity. Learn more about the new features and functionality and how they can help you escape one-size-fits-all legacy backup and recovery and match your backup to your business.

See what's new in Dell backup and recovery solutions, then view our entire solution portfolio.

Rachel Dines

Forrester Analyst Rachel Dines explains why organizations continue to struggle with backup and recovery, and what to look for when considering alternative solutions.

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Eric Ende

Eric Endebrock, director of marketing for data protection, lays out our vision for our backup and recovery product portfolio, and hints why NetVault Backup 10 and the Dell DR6000 are just the beginning of how we’re making backup and recovery faster, easier and less costly.

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NetVault Backup

Data protection doesn't have to be an overwhelming, error-prone activity. You don’t have to settle for an enterprise backup solution with an overly complex architecture and cumbersome user interface. Dell NetVault Backup 10 is a major leap forward, allowing you to streamline backup and recovery and reduce operating expenses with its exceptional usability, performance and scalability.

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Gain a powerful ally in the battle against unabated data growth, performance bottlenecks and backup jobs that take too long to complete. See how the Dell DR6000 high-capacity, high-performance deduplication appliance can help you significantly improve backup and recovery performance.

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