IT governance, risk and compliance

Ensure compliance, security and availability.

One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is complying with numerous internal policies and government regulations, ranging from payment card standards to patient privacy rules. Dell solutions for compliance and IT governance, risk and compliance of Microsoft® Windows environments help simplify processes for maintaining and demonstrating IT compliance with government regulations as well as internal policies. These solutions can help you ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of sensitive information while also providing audit-worthy proof of compliance in day-to-day operations.

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Gain visibility into your environment including user activity and changes, whether authorized or unauthorized, to simplify auditing and e-discovery needs.


Gain the visibility needed to assess the current state of key Microsoft platforms. Compare your environment against a known baseline state to identify any changes that might jeopardize compliance with policies or regulations. Automated data collection and report generation help increase IT governance.

Auditing and alerting

Detect user activity, configuration and permissions changes to Active Directory®, Exchange, Lync®, SharePoint®, Windows file servers and more in real time, and run forensic analysis reports to improve security and sustain compliance. Regulation-specific tracking, reporting and alerting help accelerate auditing and simplify compliance efforts. Automating the collection of event data with compliance software helps reduce costs and conserve resources.


Quickly find and remediate any unauthorized changes with real-time alerts. Ensure minimal loss of productivity while facilitating the recovery of users,groups, messages, mailboxes, permissions, AD objects and individual object attributes. Recover an entire domain controller (DC), domain or forest in the event of a disaster. With Dell GRC solutions, you’ll stay stress-free and rest assured knowing your data is available and safe.

Messaging data archiving and e-discovery

Efficiently archive email and attachments on-site or in a central, secure repository to sustain compliance with company policies and government regulations. Scan and apply rules to every message as it enters the archive. Retrieve data quickly to satisfy e-discovery requests. To protect sensitive information, implement data protection policies using encryption. Report on infractions of data-loss prevention (DLP) policies and quickly take corrective action.


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