Aelita Software Acquisition Story

Aelita Software Is Part of Dell

Aelita Software was acquired by Quest Software in March 2004. In September 2012, Quest Software (including the people and products of Aelita) became a part of Dell. Aelita offered a comprehensive set of enterprise network management tools to improve security, usability and control.

Aelita products and technology have been incorporated into Dell’s Migration and Consolidation solutions, to reduce the cost, complexity and risk of managing Windows-based infrastructures. See the chart below for details on specific Aelita products.

Aelita ProductCurrent Product Name
Agent Management WizardEnd of Life
BootAdminEnd of Life
Consolidation ManagerSecure Copy
Controlled Migration SuiteEnd of Life
Domain Migration WizardEnd of Life
Enterprise Delegation ManagerEnd of Life
Enterprise Directory ManagerActiveRoles Server
Enterprise Directory Manager Quick ConnectQuest One Quick Connect
Enterprise Directory Manager Self Service Password ResetActiveRoles Self-service Manager
Enterprise Directory ReporterEnd of Life
Enterprise Migration ManagerEnd of Life
ERD for Domain ControllersEnd of Life
ERDiskEnd of Life
ERDisk for Active DirectoryRecovery Manager for Active Directory
Exchange Mailbox MoverEnd of Life
Exchange Migration WizardEnd of Life
JournalEnd of Life
MultiRegEnd of Life
Server Consolidation Wizard Secure Copy
SnapReportsEnd of Life
TimeAdminEnd of Life