FastLane Technologies Acquisition Story

FastLane Technologies Is Part of Dell

FastLane Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Quest Software in June 2000. In September 2012, Quest Software (including the people and products of FastLane) became a part of Dell. FastLane offered enterprise directory management solutions for corporate networks, as well as reporting and diagnostic solutions for email messaging.

FastLane products and technology have been incorporated into Dell’s Administration and Automation solutions, to reduce the cost, complexity and risk of managing Windows-based infrastructures. See the chart below for details on specific FastLane products.

FastLane ProductCurrent Product Name
FastLane ActiveRolesActiveRoles Server
FastLane AdministratorEnd of Life
FastLane ConsolidatorSecure Copy
FastLane DeveloperEnd of Life
FastLane MigratorEnd of Life
FastLane NDS MigratorNDS Migrator
FastLane ReporterReporter
FastLane Spotlight on Active DirectorySpotlight on Active Directory Pack
FastLane Spotlight on ExchangeSpotlight on Messaging
FastLane SuiteEnd of Life