KACE Acquisition Story

KACE Is Part of Dell

KACE Networks was founded in February 2003 with the express purpose of providing a disruptive approach to effective systems management, using an all-in-one, plug and play appliance-based methodology geared for the mid-market. Increasingly popular, KACE “KBOX” Appliances gained the attention of Dell, who would become one of the largest channel distribution partners for the KACE solution, selling over 100 joint customers within the first quarter of their partnership.

The synergy and shared vision between Dell and KACE ultimately led to the acquisition of KACE by Dell in February 2010. Since that time, and leveraging the world-wide Dell presence, Dell KACE has increased its customer base 5X, augmented its 2010 English-only solution to include 10 localized language products and Websites, and expanded its marketing, sales and customer support organizations world-wide. Functionally, Dell KACE K Series Appliances now manage not only desktops, laptops and virtual machines, but have been enhanced to include management of servers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

KACE Product NameCurrent Product Name
KACE KBOX 1000 Series Systems Management ApplianceKACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance
KACE KBOX 2000 Series Systems Deployment ApplianceKACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
KACE KBOX 3000 Mobile Management ApplianceKACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliance