Quest Software Acquisition Story

Quest Software Is Part of Dell

Quest Software, which offers award-winning products that help more than 100,000 customers solve the most challenging IT problems, was acquired by Dell in September 2012. Founded in 1987, Quest is a strong strategic fit with a Dell Software portfolio that supports end-to-end IT solutions. Quest’s popular IT management products provide critical components that expand, enhance and simplify enterprise solutions in four strategic areas: systems management, security, business intelligence and applications. These products enable IT organizations to streamline operations, maximize workforce productivity and deliver faster results. See the tabs below for details on how the products formerly provided by Quest fit into our solution families and what they're currently named.

Quest Product NameCurrent Product Name
ActiveRoles Exchange Resource Forest ManagerQuick Connect for Exchange Resource Forests
Authentication Services Security Adapter for SiebelAuthentication Servicess
Authentication Services Single Sign-On for SAPAuthentication Services
Big Brother Professional EditionFoglight Network Management System
Business Intelligence StudioToad Decision Point
ChangeAuditor for File ServersChangeAuditor for Windows File Servers
Foglight for Virtual DesktopsvWorkspace
LiteSpeedNetVault LiteSpeed for Oracle , NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server
QCSYB SQL TuningSQL Optimizer for Sybase
QCDB2 ZOS TuningToad for IBM DB2 z/OS
QMP for CiscoQMX - Operations Manager
Reporter with Configuration BaseliningReporter
Spotlight on SQL ServerSpotlight on SQL Server Enterprise
Toad Data AnalystsToad Data Point
vFoglightFoglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition
vFoglight StorageFoglight for Storage Management
vEssentials Pro BundleEnd of Life
Virtual Access SuitevWorkspace
vOps Server EnterpriseEnd of Life
vOps Server ExplorerFoglight for Virtualization, Free Edition
vOps Server StandardFoglight for Virtualization, Standard Edition
Web Parts for SharePointQuick Apps for SharePoint