Backup.U Summer Semester


Welcome to another semester at Backup.U! In our last series, we discussed the basics of data protecton. In our new series, we will go a little deeper and focus on more technical aspects of protecting data. Backup.U is a series of interactive discussions to help you get back to the basics of backup and recovery.

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Watch our ondemand webcast to learn the concept of data footprint reduction.

  • Define the concept of a data footprint, and how it impacts data protection planning.
  • List data protection tools that are effective in creating a data footprint reduction strategy.
  • Explain how understanding the data access patterns and lifecycles in your environment help you gain business insights.
  • Discuss the impact of DFR on improving the time and money spent on data protection practices.


Watch our July's Backup.U webinar. We’ll be exploring how to improve data footprint reduction (DFR).

Specifically, we’ll cover the ABCDs technologies, tools and techniques of DFR related to data protection. This includes archiving, backup modernization (more than swapping disk for tape or cloud for disk), compression, data management and dedupe, along with other storage-related themes.


Join us for August’s Backup.U webcast, where we’ll explore more methods to achieve data footprint reduction (DFR). We'll discuss how data management, including deduplication and data deletion, are important when deciding how to manage your data footprint.


This month we discussed the tools used to manage data and application replication. We discussed the things you need to think about when you design a replication plan, which platforms are best to use (application vs. system vs. storage), and how to ensure application consistency.


Get a handle on the tools you’ll need to simplify data protection management (DPM). DPM tools in general provide a wide range of capabilities tied to protecting your data. These functions range from insight and awareness, coverage and compliance, monitoring, status, reporting and analysis, as well as backup/restore, replication, snapshot, and data footprint reduction (DFR). Watch our recorded session where we’ll look at what tools are available, as well as when to use them.

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