Live Demo: Capture every user click with Foglight Web Performance Monitoring



Join us for a live demonstration.

Meeting service levels, keeping customers happy and quickly resolving performance issues is easy with Foglight, the Dell Software application performance monitoring (APM) solution.

Join us for a monthly live product demo and interactive Q&A, and see how Foglight APM can help you manage web application performance in dynamic and complex environments.

In this webcast, learn about:

  • Comprehensive user experience monitoring with support for Web 2.0/AJAX that uniquely captures and replays both performance and content associated with every click by every user
  • Patent-pending TransactionDNA technology that unifies data and relationships across all transaction dimensions from the browser to the database, and from the code to the hypervisor
  • Powerful "big data" analytics that deliver actionable web performance insight
  • Extensibility to database, virtualization and infrastructure monitoring that enables team collaboration based on a common platform and a single version of the truth

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