The Importance of Email Continuity

This white paper discusses the importance of deploying an email continuity solution and provides advice on the key issues that should be considered when doing so. It also provides a brief overview of the email continuity solutions available.


There are two key takeaways in this white paper:

  • Because access to email and the information in email systems is so critical, it must remain continuously available. Outages of even a few minutes in length can create numerous problems for individual email users, as well as the business processes that rely on email as their transport infrastructure.
  • Email systems that go down cost organizations in a variety of ways, including the loss of employee productivity, extra IT time investments in resolving email outages, lost business opportunities, and a variety of less tangible consequences, such as lost business reputation. As a result, every organization should implement an email continuity solution to ensure that email stays operational as close to 24x7 as possible. A failure to do so can have serious repurcussions that will be felt in both the short and long term.

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