Boomi AtomSphere

Sync data across applications with the #1 integration cloud

Sync data across applications with the #1 integration cloud

Connect any combination of cloud and on-premises applications—without software or appliances—using Boomi, the industry’s largest integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Whether you work in a business, ISV or system integrator environment—and regardless of your organization’s size and budget—you can sync data between business-critical applications, either on-premises or in the cloud (e.g., Salesforce integration). Eliminate the costs associated with integrating and maintaining integrations using legacy middleware, appliances, or custom code. Using Boomi, you gain:

  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Easy access to your data whether in the cloud or on-premises
  • Significant cost savings over traditional integration solutions


Fast, powerful and simple cloud on-premises application integration

Build and deploy integrations, in just days and weeks, not months and years. Create integration processes right away, using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Use Boomi Suggest, our community-powered data mapping suggestion engine, to accurately and automatically suggest mappings and easily map data fields between applications. Monitor and maintain deployed integration processes with Boomi’s web-based, feature-rich dashboard.

  • Avoid having to install or maintain additional software or hardware
  • Eliminate unnecessary coding using an intuitive, visual design interface
  • Create fast and easy data mappings with Boomi Suggest, our crowd-sourced data mapping suggestion engine
  • Centrally manage and monitor all integration processes, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to track overall integration performance as well as individual process execution metrics


Browser support

The Boomi platform supports the following browsers for building, deploying and managing your integrations.

BrowserSupported versions
Microsoft Internet ExplorerVersion 8.0+
Mozilla FirefoxVersion 10.0+
Google ChromeVersion 11.0+
Apple SafariVersion 4.0+

All browsers must have JavaScript, cookies and SSL 3.0 enabled.

For Internet Explorer 9.0: In order to see images included in this Help file, the Display all Websites in Compatibility View check box must be turned on.

For Internet Explorer 9.0: If you set IE's Local Intranet security to High, you will not be able to see or open this Help file's table of contents.




Boomi AtomSphere

Take a tour of key functionality in the Boomi AtomSphere interface to experience its capabilities and ease of use.

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Boomi AtomSphere - Dashboard

Schema Browser

Boomi AtomSphere offers an account Dashboard where users can quickly view a summary of recent activity within their account. For partners supporting multiple customers, the Dashboard can provide a summary of all your customers' integration activity, and highlight recent errors and execution trends.

Boomi AtomSphere - Build > Process Components

Schema Browser

Processes are the central components in Boomi AtomSphere. They contain the series of steps that determine how data will be executed within the system. A process typically represents a discrete workflow that moves a given type of record from one application to another.

Boomi AtomSphere - Build > Boomi Suggest

Schema Browser

When mapping one system to another, this wizard will suggest mappings for you by leveraging the collective intelligence of the Boomi community. You will be presented with suggestions of how you should map your data broken into High, Medium, and Low confidence factors. Note that if you have opted out of Boomi Suggest, you will not be able to utilize the suggestions. You may change your Boomi Suggest settings in the Account Information section of Setup.

Boomi AtomSphere - Build > Boomi Suggest (continued)

Schema Browser

You will be presented with suggestions of how you should map your data broken into High, Medium, and Low confidence factors.

Boomi AtomSphere - Deploy

Schema Browser

The Deploy page is a control panel for your processes. You can select the atoms on which processes will run and identify the required versions of the processes. If environments are enabled in your account, you can attach and deploy processes to a specific environment.

Boomi AtomSphere - Manage > Process Reporting

Schema Browser

The Process Reporting page is a search console for accessing information about deployed processes.

Boomi AtomSphere - Manage > Atom Management

Schema Browser

On the Atom Management page (Manage menu > Atom Management) you can monitor Atom, Molecule or Cloud status; get pending updates to Atoms and connectors prior to the full release; edit Atom, Molecule, Cloud or environment properties; stop, add, edit or resume deployed process schedules; and subscribe to Atom, Molecule or Cloud-level RSS feeds.

Boomi AtomSphere - Manage > Boomi Assure

Schema Browser

Boomi Assure allows users to submit integration processes and data to be tested against future releases of AtomSphere. This will allow Boomi to test future releases of AtomSphere against your processes, thereby ensuring that these releases will work with your processes and data.