Boomi MDM

Affordable master data management that's configurable and cloud-based

Realize the full potential of your master data management initiative

Ensure your data is managed, cleansed, integrated and synchronized in real-time to a single accurate view of company data across multiple domains and data sources, with Boomi MDM. Boomi MDM brings together integration, master data management and domain-specific data quality services in a single unified interface to fully exploit the efficiencies and value of the cloud. Use it with any combination of SaaS and on-premises applications and with any combination of data quality service providers, to enhance business agility, operational efficiency and data consistency.


  • Speed time to value with crowd-sourced data modeling. Domain data modeling is crucial but time-consuming. Save hours of trial-and-error modeling with Boomi MDM. It inventories all data models in use, referencing the collective intelligence of its multi-tenant resources, and suggests an optimal solution which you can then customize as needed. Our innovative, dynamic Boomi Suggest for MDM technology speeds the process and reduces errors in data mapping.
  • Leverage the power of Dell Boomi MDM cloud managed approach to span organizational boundaries across departments, domains and applications.
  • Leverage bidirectional, real-time data flows to unleash the potential of your constantly changing data. Dell Boomi MDM captures, aggregates, and publishes ongoing changes to the applications that run your business. Your business runs in real time—so should your data.
  • Unify master data across domains to eliminate MDM silos. Unlike domain-specific master data solutions, Boomi MDM is domain-agnostic, supporting data from any domain, whether customer, product, location or other data.


Browser Support

The Boomi platform supports the following browsers for building, deploying and managing master data.

BrowserSupported Versions
Microsoft Internet ExplorerVersion 8.0+
Mozilla FirefoxVersion 10.0+
Google ChromeVersion 11.0+
Apple SafariVersion 4.0+

All browsers must have JavaScript, cookies and SSL 3.0 enabled.

For Internet Explorer 9.0: In order to see images included in this Help file, the Display all Websites in Compatibility View check box must be turned on.

For Internet Explorer 9.0: If you set IE's Local Intranet security to High, you will not be able to see or open this Help file's table of contents.



Boomi MDM

Take a tour of key functionality in the Boomi MDM interface to experience its capabilities and ease of use.

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Boomi MDM - View / Edit a Model

Schema Browser

Select a model to reveal the data fields contained in the model. Click add a field to create a new field or select a field to view or edit its attributes.

Boomi MDM - Suggest Fields for Model Creation

Schema Browser

Select the domain for your data to determine proposed fields to be added to your model based on the collective intelligence within Boomi Suggest for MDM.

Boomi MDM - Define Matching Rules

Schema Browser

Define matching rules to be evaluated when a record is added to the MDM system. Multiple rules can be defined and they can be organized in the order in which they should be evaluated.

Boomi MDM - Add Data Quality Services

Schema Browser

For each data quality service to be utilized, define how data will flow into and out of the data quality service.

Boomi MDM - Manage Source Systems

Schema Browser

Define the source systems that will be integrated with MDM. For each source provide a display name and a unique identifier.

Boomi MDM - View Repositories

Schema Browser

View your data repositories within Boomi MDM interface. Multiple repositories can be configured to support development, test and production environments.

Boomi MDM - Deploy Models to Repositories

Schema Browser

Deploy models into the selected repository. Click “Deploy a Model” to deploy a newly created model or click on a listed model to deploy a different version.

Boomi MDM - Manage Deployed Models

Schema Browser

View deployed models, dates and number of records, both valid and quarantined.

Boomi MDM - Configure Source Systems

Schema Browser

Attach a source system to a deployed model. Source systems can have a full or partial channel for receiving updates/creates from the MDM system.

Boomi MDM - Manage Master Data

Schema Browser

View the actual records and data within the master data model.

Boomi MDM - Resolve Quarantined Records

Schema Browser

Quarantined records will be flagged to allow easy resolution.

Boomi MDM - Logging

Schema Browser

View logging for deployed models. Filter messages based upon type (error, warning, info, debug). Export last 30 days of messages to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for advanced viewing.