Real-Time Data Movement from MPE to Open Systems

Easily move data between HP 3000 and open systems

Ensure data consistency across your LAN or WAN when moving data between HP 3000 and open systems with BridgeWare™ for MPE. This solution automates this difficult process, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

BridgeWare is a cooperative endeavor with Taurus Software, and helps you perform vital data tasks, such as:

  • One-time data migration
  • Continual data movement to data warehouses, data marts or new open system applications
  • Consolidation of data into a common, centralized database or data warehouse, allowing you to access and update data across multiple platforms
  • Real-time or scheduled posting of TurboIMAGE and KSAM
  • Updates to MPE files on an Oracle RDBMS running on Unix or NT systems
  • Supports data movement to: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, IMAGE, ODBC, XML, Eloquence, KSAM and flat files.


  • Create target file structures in Oracle or SQL Server databases automatically
  • Whether real time or scheduled, you can pass extractions to the transformation engine as data moves to heterogeneous file structures or RDBMS in the open systems environment, as well as when refreshes of delta changes occur
  • Resolve data differences between MPE and Oracle automatically
  • Build the core transcript for adding transformations, manipulations, or data cleansing automatically with scripts generated through a GUI interface


Works with any HP 3000 computer with HP-supported network.

Supported Clients

Any open systems hardware or PC with Windows NT or 95.

Note: Some modules require additional HP-provided software.