Defender hardware tokens


Web-based management

Defender – Admin Screen

A web-based management portal is available for both Defender users and admins. Customizable policies dictate which functions are available to each user.


Defender – Main Dashboard

The main dashboard of the management portal provides a quick view of the health of your environment.


Defender – Configuration

Use the Configuration tab to connect the web portal to Active Directory, assign roles for the portal and configure the logging and reporting functions.


Defender – Reporting

In the reports section of the Configuration tab, you can generate one-off reports, view scheduled reports, as well as review previously generated reports.

Self-service registration

Defender – Select Token

With self-service registration, users can request and receive software tokens, download and activate software tokens, and register existing hardware tokens without the need to contact a system administrator.

Self-service settings

Defender – Self-Service

Under Self-Service Settings, you can select which options to enable for your users, including token types to make available through self-service registration, and the requirements for requesting and activating a token.


Defender – Helpdesk

The Helpdesk Troubleshooter tab, lets you quickly search user information, see their current authentications attempts at a glance, routes with associated results, possible reasons for failures and then provide resolution with one mouse click.


Defender – Activity

Under the Management tab, you can assign or remove tokens and passwords, test or reset tokens, and set a PIN for a token. In addition, you can provide users with a temporary token response, as well as reset or unlock their account.

Two-factor authentication made easy

  • Use the redundancy, security and scalability of Active Directory
  • Enable users to self register any token based on pre-defined policy
  • Manage tokens and deployment, and view reports via the web
  • Utilize the full lifespan of hardware tokens and soft tokens that never expire
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve problems from any web browser

Defender Go-7

Defender Go-7

The Defender Go-7 is very small, and features a high contrast LCD display and a single button. This combination offers the ultimate in user-friendliness and high security: One push on the button and the Defender Go-7 shows a unique one-time password on its LCD display. The user then enters this one-time password into their application login screen.

SupplierManufacturerBattery LifeReplaceable BatteryUser Programmable
VascoDigiPass5 yrsNoNo
Token StorageDimensionsWeightWarrantyWaterproof
Local device9.5h x 25w x 48d mm13 gms3 yearsIPx7 (1 meter during 30 min)

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Defender Go-6

Defender Go-6

The Defender Go-6 token from Dell offers the ultimate in user-friendly high security. With a simple click, the Defender Go-6 is opened and displays a unique one-time password on a high contrast LCD display and is waterproof. All that needs to be done is to read it and enter it into the Defender prompt wherever the user may be.

The token offers the user the choice between carrying it in a pocket, around the neck for moving within the company, on a keyring so as not to forget it in the morning or clipped to a belt like a mobile phone.

SupplierManufacturerBattery LifeReplaceable BatteryUser Programmable
VascoDigiPass5 yrsNoNo
Token StorageDimensionsWeightWarranty Waterproof
Local device9.8h x 25.9w x 62.7d mm14 gms3 years IPx7 (1 meter during 30 min)

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Defender YubiKey

Defender Go-6

The YubiKey is a USB authentication token that combines a new level of ease of use with unmatched ruggedness and compact size. The YubiKey acts as a standard USB keyboard and will at the touch of a button generate a One Time Password (OTP), from any computer, platform or browser without the need for drivers. The YubiKey saves the user the time needed to re-type the OTP, thus ensuring faster and error free login. The YubiKey has a rugged battery free design eliminating the time and costs required in replacing traditional hardware tokens every 5-7 years.


SupplierManufacturerBattery LifeReplaceable BatteryUser Programmable
YubicoYubicoIndefinite (no battery)n/aYes
Token StorageDimensionsWeightWarranty Waterproof
Local device18 x 45 x 3 mm2.5 gms2 years Yes. Tested to 25m over 30min

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VeriSign® VIP Credentials

VeriSign® VIP Credentials

Defender supports VeriSign® Validation and ID Protection (VIP) credentials by acting as a VIP service. This allows VIP credentials that have been issued by your organization or by other VIP member organizations to be used with your Defender system for two-factor authentication. Token credential ID’s must be registered for your organization with Symantec (previously VeriSign) before the tokens can be used for authentication.

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