Foglight for IBM WebSphere MQ

IBM WebSphere MQ monitoring that’s simplified

Simplify IBM WebSphere MQ performance monitoring

Resolve incidents that arise within the IBM® WebSphere® MQ infrastructure before they become an issue. Enjoy improved service levels and reduced risk of downtime. Experience a correlated 360-degree view of your application environments (including applications dependent on MQ). Find the causes of problems, then prioritize and fix the issues quickly with this MQ monitoring tool.

  • Detect and adapt to infrastructure changes automatically
  • Manage applications across complex architectures
  • Monitor, compare and present data from multiple perspectives
  • Receive immediate incident alerts
  • Understand the cause of problems faster


  • Improve service levels – Enhance your efficiency whether you have contractual service level agreements or a basic understanding of what the business needs by modeling and managing your applications according to the services(s) they support.
  • Reduce incident mean-time-to-resolution – Identify and diagnose the cause of an incident quickly, and assign the right team to resolve it. Foglight correlates metrics, components and relationships across your MQ messaging and IT infrastructures.
  • Mitigate risk downtime – Easily detect trends and prevent downtime with Foglight’s historical views of performance.
  • Lower operational costs – Understand and resolve an incident the first time with automated diagnostic capabilities that deliver all the relevant information you need.
  • Experience extensive visibility – Gain deeper insight into your environment by having greater visibility into critical applications and the end-user experience.
  • Adapt to change quickly – React swiftly when existing applications are modified, as MQ Objects are automatically identified when new application are introduced.
  • Manage applications across complex architectures – Improve your control and visibility by being able to track the performance and availability of application services across multiple dedicated or shared computing resources.
  • Monitor from multiple perspectives - Understand your environment better through intelligent monitoring, correlation and presentation of multiple perspectives – including end user, application performance, database, service levels, infrastructure and the WebSphere MQ ESB.
  • Correlate between application service levels and messaging environment health – Determine whether messages have been sent, received and processed successfully through real-time MQ performance monitoring.
  • Get notified immediately – Receive instant incident alerts (via e-mail, event console, page, SNMP or other mediums) in response to pre-defined performance thresholds or events.
  • Automate corrective actions – Customize your environment by creating specific rules that trigger alerts, as well as corrective actions to events.