Foglight for Siebel

Siebel monitoring that’s simplified

Simplify performance monitoring of Siebel CRM applications

Prevent underperforming applications from harming revenues and customer service. Gain visibility into your entire Siebel environment – from end users through the application servers and databases – with this Siebel monitoring tool. View the entire application stack in context so you can better prioritize corrective actions before availability problems affect end users.

  • Oversee and manage application service levels
  • Gain insight into the user experience and see how responsive your applications are to user needs
  • Identify, diagnose and solve problems before they affect the business or users
  • Monitor the physical and virtual infrastructure simultaneously


  • Comprehensive performance management – Act before your business is impacted by immediately addressing performance degradation and application issues.
  • Business service grouping – Allow all stakeholders to get more out of this Siebel monitoring application by compiling different activities or services into logical groups.
  • Intelligent recording – Monitor and record transactionsas well as other Siebel user experiences to improve application service levels.
  • Proactive alerts – Use out-of-the-box alarm configurations to proactively manage service levels for Siebel infrastructure and application components.
  • Service level tracking – Establish historical, realistic and manageable service levels at application, geographical and enterprise levels to increase service levels.
  • Version control – Enable recovery and restoration of previous versions of objects for rollbacks, and prevent application customizations from being overwritten.