JClass PageLayout

Printing and reporting functionality for your JSE applications

Control industry-standard Java components for Java standard applications

With JClass™ PageLayout, you can easily add reporting and printing capabilities to your client-side Java applications.  JClass PageLayout comes with JClass DesktopViews. To develop server-side applications that generate PDF reports, you can also use JClass ServerReport.

Add text, tables and images to any document with JClass PageLayout’s sophisticated, easy-to-use APIs. You can output directly to the Java AWT Printer, PostScript Level 2, HTML, Acrobat PDF or PCL 5. For professional results, JClass PageLayout enables you to customize almost every aspect of your report styles and print output.

Complex layouts simplified

With JClass PageLayout, you can develop complex layouts that incorporate frames, multiple fonts and styles, columns, headers and footers, automatic page numbering, and sophisticated tables.

Advanced text formatting

JClass PageLayout’s font maps, paragraph and line spacing, text alignment, indenting and tab controls simplify versatile text formatting.

Color, line-drawing and shapes

Take complete control over the look of your information with JClass PageLayout. You can easily add frames, text, color and diagrams using the convenient line-drawing and shape library.

Built-in table support

JClass PageLayout also lets you create sophisticated tables using built-in support for JClass LiveTable, JTable and JDBC tables. Predefined table styles, including customizable borders, header styles and colors, ensure easy-to-use, professional-looking reports.

Built-in chart support

Integrate JClass Chart as an object in your JClass PageLayout reports for powerful graphing and charting capabilities.

Integrated reporting functionality

JClass PageLayout incorporates built-in reporting capabilities, including an extensible table cell formula framework, formula-based rows and columns, statistical functions, simple arithmetic expressions, and aggregation.

Total printing control

Easily convert your JClass LiveTable, JTable or JDBC data directly into printable form. JClass PageLayout offers a broad selection of output options, including Java Printer, HTML, PostScript Level 2, Acrobat PDF, or PCL 5. It also enables you to integrate the Swing-based Previewer into your application to preview formatted output before you send it to the printer.

Note: JClass PageLayout supports all Asian and European character sets (Unicode support).