JClass ServerChart

Java Enterprise application custom data displays

Deliver server-side Java components from Java enterprise applications to a multitude of browsers

JClass™ ServerChart is a Java component library that can be used directly from your Java Enterprise Servlet, JSP, JSF and EJB to bring interactive charts to an entire network of users. With ServerChart, you'll be able to produce interactive graphic images that can be rendered directly to the browser.


  • Design charts quickly and easily
  • Enhance your users' understanding of data with markers and thresholds
  • Embed charts in your JSPs with ease
  • Quickly debug chart settings
  • Read XML-formatted data into charts
  • Create multi-axis, fully-localizable charts
  • Use16-bit encoding

Intuitive user interface

ServerChart Designer is a Java-based GUI design tool that lets you rapidly design the visual characteristics of a chart, export its XML definition, leverage JClass tag libraries, tie to your data source, and start rendering charts.

Markers and thresholds

Markers enhance users’ understanding of the chart data. Thresholds also display areas of color in the chart background to identify important ranges of data values.

Interactive charts

Customization is made easy as JClass ServerChart offers formatting options that make it possible to modify chart axes, footers, legends, and data labels. Advanced customizations include reversed, logarithmic, and multiple Y-axes.

Data population

Use JDBC, from a file, through a socket, or over a real-time information stream to display your server-generated charts.

Strong platform and IDE support

JClass ServerChart works on the most operating systems and with the most popular application servers and IDEs.