JClass ServerGauge

Simply build scalable Java dashboards

Deliver server-side Java components from Java enterprise applications to a multitude of browsers

JClass™ ServerGauge is a set of configurable components that helps you to build circular, linear and indicator gauges, as well as panels of gauges. The tool offers the ability to create graphs that reflect relative changes in fluctuating values and more.

Intuitive user interface

ServerGauge Designer, a Java-based GUI design tool, enables your web developers to easily embed gauges in JSPs without the need to write any Java code. They’ll be able to rapidly design the visual characteristics of a gauge, export its XML definition, leverage the JClass tag libraries, tie to data source, and start rendering gauges right away—all without dealing with the underlying Java API.

Simple dials, switches and gauges

The indicator gauges can be used to highlight a fluctuating value in your real-time application in a meaningful way.

The linear and circular gauges give you the flexibility to present data in terms of a graduated scale.

Customizable views and dashboards

JClass ServerGauge's circular and linear gauges let you add multiple scales, tick marks and labels, needles and indicators, headers and footers, labels and legends, ranges and images.