JClass ServerReport

Fast, intuitive reports

Deliver server-side Java components from Java enterprise applications to a multitude of browsers

JClass™ ServerReport is a Java library that can be called from Java Enterprise servlets, JSPs, or EJBs to dynamically generate printable documents in PDF and RTF formats so users can interact information as needed.

Use the Watermark Feature

Create Professional Reports in Both PDF and RTF Format


  • Save time and money with electronic reporting
  • Create reports faster and with fewer resources
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Take advantage of scalable Java components
  • Get started with high-quality examples and demos
  • Create fully-localizable reports
  • Use 16-bit encoding

Intuitive user interface

ServerChart Designer is a Java-based GUI design tool that lets you rapidly design the visual characteristics of a chart, export its XML definition, leverage JClass tag libraries, tie to your data source, and start rendering charts.

Simplified report and document generation

JClass ServerReport enables you to easily create reports and documents, and then deliver them to your users in order to dramatically reduce development and material costs.

Whether you are delivering only a few reports or tens of thousands of custom reports, ServerReport will help you achieve your goal. You can also scale your ServerReport application as your demand grows, easily using the built-in capabilities of your application server cluster.