Boost productivity and access multiple applications easily

Boost productivity and access multiple applications easily

Increase productivity in a VTAM environment by gaining easy access to more than one application at a time with MultSess™. This high-performance session manager can also provide you with concurrent access to more than one transaction within the same TP monitor.

This solution can help you better manage multiple applications from a single terminal, and improves productivity when working with more than one connection to the same application. It is designed for IBM's OS/390 MVS operating system environments.

  • Control maximum users per application to prevent overload
  • Use fully functioning scripting to automatically access the correct transaction
  • Perform cutting and pasting between applications
  • Set up messaging capabilities by terminal, user, application or operator


  • Switch between applications – MultSess allows you to switch quickly and easily, saving time and eliminating frustration.
  • Efficiently manage as many as 225 concurrent sessions – With MultSess, you can manage large numbers of high-throughput users while minimizing mainframe CPU resource consumption. You can have up to 255 concurrent sessions to the same or different applications using menu-driven session selection and single-key switching, anywhere in the network.
  • Boost productivity and save time – MultSess allows you to work with multiple applications simultaneously, and switch between them quickly, eliminating wasted time of logging on and off your applications.
  • Automate common or repetitive transactions – The automated transaction processor (ATP) feature of MultSess makes it easy to automate common or repetitive transactions to VTAM application for any multiple users. With a single keystroke, you can log on, select an application from a menu and invoke a transaction. End users only see the selection menu, followed by the transaction screen.


Supported environment software

  • OS/390 MVS - All Versions or z/OS
  • IBM OS/390 Security Server (RACF)
  • CA-ACF2
  • CA-Top Secret
  • VTAM - All Versions
  • JES2 and JES3 - All Versions

Supported devices

  • All models of 317x, 318x, 319x and 327x (or equivalents) using maximum available screen display area, in SNA and non-SNA environments
  • 3290 Information Panel with each interactive panel in 3270 mode