Simplify network management support with a flexible, full-featured session manager for OS/390 or z/OS

Utilize a flexible, full-feature session manager for OS/390 or z/OS

For a single sign-on access system for enterprise system/390 networks running OS/390 or z/OS, choose NC-Assess™. This solution simplifies network management support by integrating a powerful session manager with single sign-on and common network entry procedures. NC-Access easily interfaces with NC-Syncom synchronization manager and NC-Pass authentication manager.

With NC-Access, you can:

  • Extend information distribution to the entire user base with minimal overhead
  • Gain the capability and flexibility to choose from three connection modes: single point of entry, gateway access component and multiple session component
  • Permit user validation or authentication throughout the network with interfaces to all major security systems


  • Control large user networks – Make it easier to extend information to the entire user base with unique facilities, such as dynamic application menus, electronic mail and multi-host communications. Control thousands of terminals with one common network entry procedure for any user type.
  • Create unique profiles for users – Establish integrated user menus for the best combination of the users’ work profiles from SPE (Single Point of Entry), MSC (Multiple Sessions Component) and GAC (Gateway Access Component).
  • Enhance communication between mainframes – Allow user validation or authentication throughout the network with interfaces to all major security systems. In addition, you can tailor dynamic application menus so users access their menus with the same entry procedure from anywhere on the network. Greatly enhance communication between mainframes by extending features and functions across the whole VTAM network.
  • Teach new applications easily – Gain extensive on-screen conferencing capabilities between administrators and end users via the on-line teaching facility. Demonstrate new applications in an interactive fashion with a user-friendly control panel. Invite attendees to training sessions via electronic messaging.
  • Automate common or repetitive transactions – Automated Scripting Facility (ASF) automates common or repetitive transactions to any VTAM application for any number of users. Logging on, selecting an application from a menu and invoking a transaction takes a single keystroke. All the user sees is the selection menu, followed by the transaction screen.

Other Features

  • Create an electronic bulletin board and customized messaging by terminal, user, application or operator
  • Connect to the correct transaction automatically with fully-functioning scripting
  • Perform cutting and pasting between applications
  • Print directly from your screen
  • Enable multiple high-level exit points for use by NCI 4GL programming language


Software Environment

  • IBM OS/390 or z/OS
  • IBM OS/390 Security Server (RACF)
  • CA-ACF2
  • CA-Top Secret
  • VTAM
  • JES2 and JES3


  • All models of 317x, 318x, 319x and 327x (or equivalent) using maximum available screen display area in SNA and non-SNA environments.
  • 3290 Information Panel with each interactive panel in 3270 mode.