Design, customize, extend and develop a sophisticated single point of entry for VTAM network systems

Customize, extend and develop a single-point of entry for VTAM network systems

For a solution that helps you to create a single point of entry for VTAM network systems, choose NCI/XF™. This solution allows you to tailor, customize, extend and develop this single point of entry. It also enables every customer to implement future operational requirements across the whole network with precision and confidence. Create any number of front-end network control interfaces (NCI) to communicate across VTAM networks though this solution’s multi-host function.

With NCI/XF:

  • There’s no need to use or support Assembler – design and implement any function across the network without it
  • You can ensure connection between users and any application on any host anywhere on the network
  • You can connect to any supported terminal type, even if the terminal definition is incorrect


Multi-Host function – Allow any number of front-end network control interfaces (NCI) to communicate across VTAM networks via the VTAM command language that includes a multi-host function. Communication to the network front end from any transaction in the network is provided by a transaction-level interface. Allow communication to any platform supporting APPC and TCP/IP protocols by using specific NCI/XF control commands.

Eliminate the need for Assembler Knowledge – Design and implement any function required across the network easily and quickly with the VTAM toolkit, eliminating the need to use or support Assembler.

Efficient 4GL command language – Gain greater efficiency with a NCI/XF VTAM toolkit that consists of a VTAM terminal control function, 3270 data stream manipulation via a dialog manager, and a powerful 4GL command language designed for the VTAM environment. A large number of users can access any application on any host from anywhere on the network.

Full error recovery – Connect with any supported terminal type, even when the terminal definition is incorrect, with the error recovery feature of NCI/XF. This useful when control units have to be moved and re-plugged, or whenever coaxial cable connections are incorrectly plugged in, resulting in the corresponding network definitions not being applied to VTAM (e.g. LOGMODE).

Additional Features

  • This solution supports libraries and links with other programming language
  • Extended functionality, such as comprehensive data verification and complex calculations, is provided for 3270 terminals
  • Powerful commands handle tables, queues, chains and pushdown stacks
  • This solution issues enqueue and dequeue of a system- or user-defined resource
  • Allows for interfacing with user-written Assembler or COBOL routines, which can be invoked to perform installation dependent functions (e.g., dataset I/O); also supports routines in different address spaces
  • The NCI/XF Dialog Manager allows you to set and resolve NCI variables or execute an NCI subroutine from within a user-written Assembler or COBOL routine
  • With this solution, you have no restrictions on processing logic, PF key support or user-definable panel (number, type, format or linkage)


Software environment

  • IBM OS/390 or z/OS
  • IBM OS/390 Security Server (RACF)
  • CA-ACF2
  • CA-Top Secret
  • VTAM
  • JES2 and JES3


  • All models of 317x, 318x, 319x and 327x (or equivalent) in native mode.
  • IBM 3290 (in 3270 mode)
  • NTO attached devices
  • IBM 3767 (or equivalent)
  • SCS (LU type 1) printers